"H is for Heaven" Coloring Page

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Printable H coloring sheet
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This is the next sheet in our Bible alphabet coloring book. The theme was chosen by our readers on Facebook and Heaven was the most popular choices.
Directions: To download this free printable, click on the preview image to the right. You can also choose your preferred file format from the links below.

We wanted to keep the concept simple, so to avoid confusing young children. Heaven is both a present reality and the coming perfect that Jesus will create when he returns.
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1 thought on “"H is for Heaven" Coloring Page”

  1. Keep in mind that if we talk about Jesus taking us to Heaven, that will scare young children. My niece thought that Jesus would appear at night when she was alone in bed and whisk her away to Heaven. She was petrified and would not sleep for days. Also, by mentioning that Heaven is a place filled with joy and happiness, then children who are unhappy, living in an abusive or poverty stricken life, might wish to escape that reality.

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