Sample Head Lice Policy for Church, Daycare, or School

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A few years ago I wrote a letter to the parents of my church to inform them of our head lice policy. While head lice is not a glamorous topic, it can present very real problems. And I don’t simply mean the head scratching kind! If one or more children show up to church with head lice infestations in their hair, and accidently pass the lice on to other children, tempers can flair among parents. So, I learned to try to offer what help I could without further embarrassing the affected children or their parents. I created the simple policy below. I invite you to adapt it to meet the needs of your ministry.
Dear Parents,
Occasionally throughout the year, but especially in the summer or fall, head lice may be discovered among our children. Therefore I am writing this note to make you aware of this possibility and also to ask you to check your own children before you bring them to a church activity, especially if you suspect they may have head lice.
If you are not sure how to check for head lice or how to treat it, I recommend you go online to search for information. There are many websites which discuss the topic. You also might consider consulting with your family physician if you do not have internet access. If you need help checking your child, please let us know and we will do what we can to help.
If we discover that specific children have head lice while at church, we will ask that their parents come get them so as to minimize exposure to others. We do not do this as punishment or to embarrass you and your children. Rather, we want to help everyone get the best possible assistance so that the children may return to church right away. We want you here!
I realize this can be a sensitive topic for both parents and children. However, I assure you we are all in this together. Having head lice affect your family doesn’t mean you have done something wrong. It is simply one of those unfortunate trials we occasionally face during the warm summer months.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.

For more guidance on developing a head lice policy, read this article on Wikipedia or read this detailed policy from a church.

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