"Solomon Tells of Jesus Coming" Preschool Bible Lesson (Psalm 72)

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Lesson Title: Solomon Tells of Jesus Coming
Bible Reference: Psalm 72:1-19
Target Age Group: Preschool
Learning Context: Children’s Church
Target Time Frame: 1 ½ hour
Gospel Connection: Whenever Israel asked for a king, God gave them one even though He knew that it wasn’t what they needed. One really good king was named Solomon. Solomon was blessed with great wisdom and wrote some of the book of Psalms. God told Solomon that a great king would come to Israel and His name was Jesus. Jesus was the king that Israel needed and the Savior that we need today. Today, we will start looking towards Christmas and learn that Jesus does great things.
Learning Aim: Jesus Does Great Things.
Materials Needed:

  1. Paper
  2. Markers
  3. Glue
  4. Red Tissue Paper
  5. Small Toys
  6. December Calendar
  7. Crayons, Stickers, or Stamps

You say the Italicized words.  Non-italicized words are directions.
Bible Story
Open your Bible to Psalm 72:1-19.
Say, A long time ago, Israel had a king named Solomon. Solomon was a great king! He was very smart and took good care of his people. But the best thing about Solomon was that he loved God.
One day, God told Solomon about a new King that would be coming to save God’s people in the future. This king was amazing! He wasn’t like any other person. He lived in Heaven before he was born. His name is Jesus and He is God’s son. Solomon had never heard of Jesus before but he was super excited to tell everyone else about Him. Solomon wrote a poem about Jesus and that poem is in the Bible. Let’s see what Solomon wrote about Jesus.
Jesus will be wise. He will be honorable and rule his people fairly. He will take care of the poor and the needy, and children. Jesus’ enemies will fall down before God and all the kings in the world will worship Him. He will take care of people who are heartbroken and needy. And the best thing of all? Jesus will connect us to God and give us the chance to live forever in Heaven.
Jesus does great things! Jesus is so great that God told Solomon that He was coming many years before He was born. Now, it’s been many years since Jesus was born and lived on the earth but He is still with us! He lives in our hearts and wants to introduce you to God. Jesus does great things.
I Can Do Great Things
Say, I know that you can do great things. What great thing can you do?
Let each child have a turn telling or showing what they can do. If they can jump really high, then let them show you how high they can jump. If they can read very fast then let them read for you. Let them be creative and share whatever comes to mind.
Say, Wow! You can do really great things! But Jesus is even greater. What great things can Jesus do?
Talk about the great things that Jesus can do. Let the kids share whatever they know about Jesus and talk about the greatest thing that Jesus ever did, die for our sins.
Jesus Loves
Draw a heart on a piece of white paper. You will need one paper for each child. Tear red tissue paper into strips. Let the kids glue pieces of the tissue paper to their heart.
Say, Jesus does many great things and He loves you very much. Take this heart home with you and use it as a reminder that Jesus loves you.  
Christmas is Coming Calendars
Print off one blank December 2016 calendar for each child. Decorate with calendar with stamps, stickers, markers, or whatever supplies that you have on hand.
Say, We know that Christmas will be here soon but Solomon did not know when Jesus was coming. He trusted God and waited for Jesus to come. We should also trust God because His promises will always come true, even if we don’t know when.
He’s Coming Game
Let one child hide a small toy somewhere in the classroom while everyone else closes their eyes. Count to ten and once you reach ten say, ‘Your friends are coming!’ Then let the other children look for the toy. Once it is found, let someone else have a turn hiding it.
Say, Solomon knew that Jesus was coming even though he didn’t know when. Jesus does great things. What has Jesus done for you?
Closing the Lesson
Let each child share a few things that they know about Jesus. Say, Jesus loves you very much and wants to introduce you to God.  Close the lesson in prayer.

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