The Complete Toddler Bible Curriculum

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Too often churches overlook children age 1-3 and don’t provide a program of spiritual formation. That’s why we’re excited about this new Toddler Bible Curriculum from Bethany Darwin and the Sunday School Store. This material will give even the youngest children a solid foundation for their relationship with God.

It’s called “The Ultimate Toddler Bundle: Everything you need to teach age 1-3 about God” and lives up to that amazing goal with 170 page of ministry material.

The Ultimate Toddler Bible Curriculum

The Ultimate Toddler Bundle is everything you need for your toddler Sunday School class, or to teach your little ones at home. If you have children age 1-3 in your children’s ministry, this is the only resource you’ll ever need. With over 170 pages of toddler teaching resources, everything you need is in this bundle.

As a thanks to MTC readers, the Sunday School store is offering code TODDLER25 as a 25% discount for anyone interested in this material. Just enter that discount code on the order checkout screen.

Interview with Bethany Darwin, the author of this amazing material.

The original promotional giveaway on this post ended on 8/26/2020. We notified the two winners (Sue & Jennifer) by email. If you are still interested we have setup a special discount with the Sunday School Store.

18 thoughts on “The Complete Toddler Bible Curriculum”

  1. Hey this resource looks great. My background is within the early years and I love the resources for the non verbal children to help them join in in prayer. Children know more than they can express. I can see this also being used for SEN children too.

  2. I am thrilled to be the Pastor’s wife to a church in Mt. Dora, FL…and Grandma to a one-year-old, three-year-old, and a four-year-old. I retired from teaching art in a public school in 2019 after 29 years, and have been teaching the 4-year-old reading prep, problem solving, math, and some science, but my heart wants to do more. I want my grandchildren to know God, their Creator, loves THEM! Some of our church members also have grandchildren they are interacting with online. This could fill the gap for us, the important knowledge that there is a Savior that is closer than a brother, who loves and lives life helping us, and their God is for them! This seems a perfect fit!

  3. This curriculum would be so helpful for my family learning from home right now. We are in the US hoping to teach our little ones and looking for a good guide to help us do that well. Thank you for setting up this giveaway!

  4. I am a Children’s Pastor in the US currently looking at curriculum for our nursery and toddler age classes that we plan to reopen soon. It can be so hard to find curriculum designed for our youngest disciples sometimes. Thank you for creating something. From the little I have looked at the information about this resource, it looks great!

  5. i love this matterial I am a new child care coornature at my church for the new born to 5 year olds and can so see us using this”!

  6. I love these items for the little ones. I am new at the 0-5 year olds I started as the child care coordinator and can’t wait to tell my pastor about it!

  7. I am currently helping to establish a children’s ministry for 6 mo-5 yo in my church. Our church was established 2 years ago & this will be the first time we have had a ministry for our young children. We could certainly benefit from a curriculum such as this. Thanks!

  8. I will be caring for my grandchildren every Sunday beginning in September and we just heard that there will not be in person Sunday school so I will be spending an hour or more each Sunday morning teaching, sharing the Good News and this curriculum will be such a great help!

  9. I have a two year old and am also serving as a volunteer in the children’s ministry of our church here in the Philippines and would love to be able to use the wonderful curriculum that you have made especially that it is hard to find ones for the little ones. Thank you for coming up with this curriculum!

  10. I am the Children’s director at our local church. Our toddlers had all grown into the next age group, but since we have reopened for in person service we now have 3 to 4 toddlers each Sunday and are in desperate need for that age curriculum. We are a small church and all curriculum is purchase with my personal money. This would be an answer to my prayer I have been praying for several weeks. God bless you for making this a possibility. We would need a church license.

  11. We are a small church and we are starting the children’s ministry back up and this would be great for the kids.

  12. This us amazing. I would love to use this for our church as we have an increase in toddlers in our circle. It is very hard to find good curriculum for this age.

  13. I watched your live video about this curriculum, and I was just so excited for it! People tend to undermine what 1-3 year olds can learn. I know my daughter (Age 3) would love this curriculum. And I would love to teach it to her. The family bundle would work perfect for me since I am currently pregnant and I can also teach this curriculum to my baby right when I see she’s ready for it.

  14. I am looking for something for a children’s church in a fairly small congregation with lots of young families. We are in Canada. This toddler Bible bundle looks promising, but I wish it had more than 26 lessons to get through the school year. Would you consider adding extra lessons for perhaps thanksgiving, Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter? Nevertheless, thanks for this quite attractive option. Blessings!

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