Jesus Is My Good Shepherd: 3 Preschool Bible Lessons

The world can be a frightful place for young children. This series of Bible lessons will help the children in your class to trust in Jesus as their Good Shepherd. It draws from several passages in the Gospel of John to show how He loves, saves, and protects them.

These lesson plans are intended for preschool children, ages 2-5.  They were written by Kristen Charles for a children’s church or Preschool Sunday School, but can be adapted to meet your particular ministry setting. Each lesson includes additional learning activities for your class.

Lesson Index

  1. Sheep LOVED by a Shepherd: Preschool Lesson
  2. Sheep SAVED by a Shepherd: Preschool Lesson
  3. Sheep PROTECTED by a Shepherd: A Preschool Bible Lesson

Jesus is the Good Shepherd Coloring PagePrint our free Jesus the Good Shepherd Coloring page to go along with any of these lesson plans. It has a background page that explains why we need a shepherd and then a cut-out illustration of Jesus.

Other Related Resources

Here are some other materials on our website that might assist you as you teach through this series. Please share your ideas in the comment section below.


  1. Kathryn Bolt says

    Thank you so much for what you do! My children’s church LOVES doing these activities.

  2. smriti Maity says

    Your teaching materials very helpful as we reach out the little ones as well as the teenagers.
    With regards,
    For His Kingdom,

  3. Darlene Umemoto says

    Thank you so much for allows our Children’s Ministry to use your website it has been a blessing to find everything we need to make our Ministry successfully run smooth and in order.

    I like the games, the crafts, and even the Lesson plan
    thank you for all the ideas.

    Mahalo from Hawaii

  4. Tammie says

    I teach two-year olds in children’s church and I have been searching for lessons that are written in language that children can understand. These lessons not only do that but also ministers to me so I can minister more effectively. Thank you for such an anointed terrific website.

  5. christine says

    Hi, I love the work that all the people have done to help run Junior Churchs. My JC is in a country church. Brilliant work and a big thank you to you all. I’ve tried to leave comments and thank yous to other worker for their lovely work. Christine, Elgin, Scotland

  6. yuhanna kapri says

    I am very happy with this web site .
    I am Yuhanna kapri from Nepal ,I am working in church children school,our church children school teacher are planning how to teach systematic way about bible story to children.
    We have more then 40 children in church children school( Sunday school).If this ministry want help us ,please write me.

  7. kathy says

    I am so happy to have finally found some place to help me. I really want to make a difference in the lives of children. Your web site is great. kathy

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