3 Twitter-Inspired Game Ideas for Kids Ministry

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Twitter games for children's ministryAre your kids “tweeting”? If so, then you can put their Twitter knowledge to use in a fun teaching situation. Even if they don’t know how to tweet yet, this micro-blogging, social networking site is great inspiration for Twitter-inspired games for kids ministry. How would the gospel look if it were tweeted to the followers of Christ? Ask yourself that question and then present these two cool game ideas to your children. (Twitter birds make safe, familiar decorations for a classroom too.)
1. Tweet All About It
Instructions: Give kids mini dry erase boards or divide them up into teams and give them large boards. You also need a selected bible passage ready to read.
Say: “I wonder how people who saw Jesus do miracles would have tweeted about it? Of course, they didn’t have Twitter in Jesus’ time but it’s fun to think about anyway. Let’s play a game. I am going to read a bible passage and you have to write a tweet about it. Your tweet can only be 10 words long and you must add a hashtag too. Ready?”
Read the passage and play some music while the kids work on their tweets. Give them one or two minutes to present them. When everyone’s tweets are read, start over with a new passage.
2. Hashtag Game
This game is a little like the hangman game we used to play only you won’t need a long sentence. Think up some cool hashtags like #jesussaves or #Godslove. Write the hashtag phrase on the board but leave off some of the letters. Ask kids to guess what your hashtag is or allow them to guess at letters until they guess the correct hashtag.
3. Tweet and Retweet
Now this game is similar to the old Mad Libs game we used to play. You know the one, you fill in the blanks and make silly stories.  For this game, you use a dry erase board instead of a sheet of paper. One at a time, kids come up to the board (which you have hidden from their view) and give you a word. Ask for a noun, pronoun or a bible name. Plug those into a sentence and create some funky retweets. When you have a wacky sentence ready, turn it around and read it aloud.
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