Learning Stations for Children’s Ministry

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Children playing with puppets
Herding children in and out of classes becomes a bit tedious week after week but cool stations will have kids wanting to stay. Developing special points of interest in the class will help you direct kids into prayer and worship. Stations are also useful for directing volunteer assignments and giving workers a chance to lead in new areas. Use stations to reinforce a Bible lesson or a special verse of scripture. Put your creative team to work customizing these center ideas.
Meet the Missionaries: Place a large globe at the station along with pictures of missionaries associated with your church. Kids especially like seeing pictures of children from other nations and cultures. Have dried food samples and other artifacts that are relative to the mission for kids to touch and feel.
Prayer Station: It’s good to teach kids the importance of prayer while they are young. Place a picture of the president and local leaders at this station. Ask kids to pray for their leaders, pastoral staff, friends and family. Post easy to read prayers or the Lord’s prayer above the area, at kid eye level, of course.
Bible Art: Keep this spot stocked with Bible arts and crafts supplies. Leave one example of the craft on the table so kids can work independently if you’re short on volunteers. Only place supplies out that will be used with the current craft. Remember to choose age appropriate activities.
Worship Station: This is a good station idea if you want to focus teaching on the importance of worship. Place a CD player at this table and play worship music softly. Have ribbons, streamers and musical instruments on hand for kids. Also, encourage aspiring singers by providing printed lyrics so they can sing along.
Puppet Players: Puppet play allows children to act out what they’ve learned. Provide a cardboard box puppet stage along with puppets. Decorate the stage colorfully and a few Bible props. Encourage children at this station to put on plays about their Bible lessons or their favorite characters.
Dress Up Center: A dress up center is exciting for kids of all ages. Shop second hand stores and buy clothing like robes, tunics and costumes. Wash the materials then place them in a large tub at this station. Hang a mirror so kids can see themselves dressed as the characters from the Bible.
Friendship Table: Fellowship and friendship are important for growing a church. Kids love making new friends but sometimes they need encouragement to do so. Place two or multiple player games at the friendship table. Hang a bulletin board with pictures of each child and his favorite things.
Stations are fun for teachers and for children. Mix up stations seasonally and add stations as you need them.
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