How to Be an Awesome Sunday School Teacher

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Sunday School Teacher
Sunday School teachers can make a positive difference in a child's life.

Sunday School began as a once a week Christian school that taught illiterate children how to read. Without help from public schools, poor children were left uneducated with no chance of improving their situation. During this time in the 19th century, children worked six days a week leaving only Sundays available for their education.
In modern times, local Sunday Schools have had the privilege of focusing on biblical education rather than being a dedicated full-time school. Sunday School teachers guide children to a deeper understanding of the Bible and teach kids to pray and minister to others.
1. Make a Commitment
Becoming a Sunday School teacher is an important decision. Although Sunday School meets only once a week, it is ideally 7-day a week ministry. To be an awesome teacher, not just a good filler for a leader-less class, you’ll have to be committed. The stellar teacher must be willing to be consistent in attendance and in contacting children throughout the week. Be ready to commit to the long haul and take responsibility for teaching the class.
2. Build Relationships
You’ll need to build strong relationships with students, parents and other family members. Be willing to visit kids at home, spend time with families and go the extra mile. Get to know family groups by their first names, remember birthdays and important dates. Show you care for kids by “being there” regularly. Awesome teachers are involved in their student’s lives.
3. Come Prepared
The best teachers are prepared and excited about what they are about to teach. There’s no fumbling for papers, looking for lost items or poor attitudes in “best teacher universe.” Sure we all have off-days but these shouldn’t be the norm. You are not a school teacher required to teach whatever the school board gives you. You can follow the leading of the Lord and deliver timely meaningful messages that kids can understand and apply. This should be exciting! An awesome Sunday School teacher spends time each week praying for direction, locating the message and gathering everything he or she needs before coming to class.

4. Be Flexible
Being flexible is kind of part two for “come prepared.” When the Lord is involved, the best laid plans can get tossed out the windows. Sometimes an exceptional opportunity arises that allows us to plant a different spiritual seed than the one we intended. A child with a tender heart comes to class in tears because a loved one passed away. Another had a wonderful dream about heaven. These are all opportunities to give comfort and give guidance but aren’t necessarily in your lesson plan. Be willing to bend with the wind and walk through the open doors.
Be the best teacher you can be by listening, caring and loving your students. Kids aren’t looking for Super Teacher, just someone who is willing to give them the answers they seek.
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5 thoughts on “How to Be an Awesome Sunday School Teacher”

  1. I have been a Christian for 8 years, the church i go to is a small community church,i have a art degree, and Am very good when it comes to children,, what type of course do i need? The lord wants me to do this, i pray for you all are leaning and with your help and knowledge the lord will keep use safe.

  2. I am a grandmother aged woman and want to be an awesome sunday school teacher. How do I prepare myself to be just this lady that children will the excitement and love that I have for this job? We are a very small church and I would be teaching children young to 12 years old.

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