Patriotic Coloring Book for the 4th of July — Independence Day

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Do you need a patriotic coloring sheet for Fourth of July? These free coloring pages are easy to download and share in your Sunday School, Children’s Church, or at home with your own family.  Scroll down to print them as single sheets. They are included in the 6-page patriotic printable Bundle, free from the Sunday School Store.

Patriotic Coloring Book for the 4th of July

Most of our coloring pages come directly from Bible stories or themes. However, we do create some pictures for special holidays. The following would be perfect as Fourth of July coloring pages.

These Independance Day coloring pages would be excellent additions to any of our 4th of July Sunday School lessons.

If you prefer, you can view each page on it’s own.

Resources Independence Day / Fourth of July

  • Children’s Sermon: Freedom from Sin through Jesus (Matthew 11:28-30)
    Use this children’s sermon object lesson to teach about Freedom from Sin. It’s perfect for the 4th of July or any other patriotic holiday. Download the message notes below and watch our example object lesson as you prepare. Message notesDownload “Happy Independence Day” Children’s Sermon on Freedom from Sin through Jesus Christ Main Objective: In the United States, freedom ...
  • “Freedom in Christ” Craft Ideas for Independence Day
    Use these easy craft ideas for your kids to celebrate the 4th of the July. These projects are focused on the theme “Freedom in Christ.” Download the craft directions below, watch our example video, and gather your supplies. Crafts-4th-of-JulyDownload Fourth of July, Happy Birthday America, Independence Day…there are a lot of names the holiday goes by, ...
  • “Independence Day” Freedom Bible Lesson for Kids
    Easy Print PDF –Download Use the link above to download the complete lesson plan including craft idea. Don’t miss the 6-page patriotic printable Bundle, free from the Sunday School Store. We get pretty excited about our national pride, especially when it comes to holidays like the Fourth of July. We celebrate our independence and freedom as a ...
  • Citizens of Heaven (Luke 10:1-11; 16-20) Children's Sermon for July 4th
    Easy Print PDF –Download Children’s Sermon on Luke 10:1-11; 16-20. Being and Making Citizens of Heaven – Everyone is proud of their nation and it’s birthday, this lesson reminds kids they are also citizens of Heaven because they follow Jesus. This object lesson message is perfect for teaching on the Fourth of July weekend or any ...
  • 4th Commandment Coloring Page "Keep the Sabbath Holy"
    This PDF coloring sheet is part of the Ten Commandments Coloring Book for kids. It’s part of our large selection of free resources that teach the 10 commandments for kids. 4th Commandment Coloring (PDF)Download Fourth Commandment Coloring Page – You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy – Click above for PDF download. For ...
  • 4th of July Sunday School Lessons (100% Free) Activities, Crafts, & Coloring Pages
    Download and print our 100% free activities for the 4th of July in Sunday School. God has blessed America! Let’s teach kids to respect their freedom and give thanks to God on the 4th of July. The Fourth of July is a major holiday in the United States. It’s officially called Independence Day and is a celebration about our freedom ...
  • "Christian Flag" Snack & Craft Idea for July 4th
    This is a simple snack & craft combination we are using in our Kindergarten Sunday School class. It’s part of our 4th of July lesson plan that is focused on the freedom that Jesus gives us from sin. Supplies: graham crackers, white frosting, blue & red gel decorative icing Christian Flag Craft & Snack Directions Spread a thin ...
  • Ideas for a 4th of July Party at Kids Church
    Here’s another 4th of July idea for your children’s ministry or Sunday School. School is over but now you’ve got to contend with family vacations and lower church attendance in your ministry. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break but you do need to keep the excitement level up during the summer months. Hosting a 4th of July ...
  • “God Bless America” Coloring Page
    These coloring pages are a great teaching tool for the 4th of July. Scroll down to print them as single sheets. They are included in the 6-page patriotic printable Bundle, free from the Sunday School Store. This free coloring page for kids has the words “God bless America” written large across the sheet. It has includes ...
  • VBS Pledges: Bible, American, & Christian Flag
    Here are the traditional pledges for Vacation Bible School. No matter what 2020 VBS Theme you choose, these will help you kick start your day the right way. This download link above includes four pages: one for each individual pledge (Bible, Christian Flag, American Flag) and the combined version pictures below. Easy Print ...

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  1. I love this! So happy that I came across this, and it is so important that we teach our kids about the Christian roots of our country and to remember to pray for our leaders!

  2. I love all the coloring sheets that you have. I use them in the nursery to help teach my lesson and the kids love it. Thank you for sharing your resourses.


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