Noah and the Ark Coloring Pages

Noah and the Ark coloring page
Noah & the Ark Story Page

These sequenced Bible coloring pages will help kids learn the story of Noah and the Ark. The main page has four panels that picture the major events from Genesis 6 – 8.

Directions: The children should color the first page, cut out these story sections, and then glue them to the numbered sheets below. We suggest printing the numbered pages on a light blue paper if available. This will give the finished project an attractive framed appearance.

You can choose your download format above. The PDF document is ready to print, but the jpeg allows advanced users to customize the sheets. If you are teaching Sunday School, you can also use this project as visual illustrations for your Noah and the Ark lesson. Click here to leave a comment about this free resource.

Numbered Coloring Page
Numbered Coloring Page
Numbered Coloring Page
Numbered Coloring Page


  1. Lacy Beach says

    Your lessons are such a blessing. I use them for Kid’s church in Cambodia for kids who have never been engaged with bible stories. These lessons are simple and easy for them to enjoy. I love it!

  2. Jud says

    Thank you so much for all these free stuff that i could use for God’s glory. May you continue to be an instrument for the expansion of God’s kingdom here on earth!

  3. Marian Kirk says

    Thank you for the free colouring page of Noah and the Ark. I will be sending it to the little girl to colour in who we sponser in Togo through Compassion. Thank you for your ministry and help.

  4. Roxanne says

    Thanks for these great coloring pages of Noah and the Ark…my 3 yr old Sunday School Class will love it…Blessings to you!

  5. Lisa Morris says

    I really enjoy having a fun activity for children to do while in Children’s Church. This will help them to remember well the taught lesson of today thanks!

  6. says

    Help! My work computer is a MacBook and I’ve had no trouble using the PDF format to download and print coloring pages. Today I can no longer download the coloring pages in a PDF format! The GIMP software is only PC compatible, and I cannot get the jpeg to work properly…it makes the pictures very small and not full page like they used to be with the PDF downloads. Can you tell me what I can do? I use your resources for my children’s worship bags many Sundays and LOVE Mandy’s art work! Thanks!

  7. Kathy says

    How organized these lessons are! Thank you for all your work for preschool children.

  8. MaryAmber says

    We just started “Story the Porch” every Saturday morning a couple weeks back. Our we want to thank you for your free resources. Our five children and our neighbors have fun coloring your pages while my husband reads to us a bible story. Your site is great and we pray that God will bless you and your ministry!

  9. Penny says

    Your free resources have enabled me and my class to have high quality – kid reaching – tools to reach our class….on our budget and my schedule, this would not be possible otherwise… I don’t need to go to an array of websites to figure out compatabilities. THANK YOU

  10. cindy phillips says

    I really loved the coloring pictures of Noahs Ark,it seemed that it just right for my Sunday school class. Thank You so much for letting everyone print these coloring sheets

  11. Isabella Ndwiga says

    Thank you for your good work in helping educate the children and bring them up in the knowledge of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Be

  12. carolyn says

    I love the coloring sheet for the Noah and the Ark Lesson.
    I’m sure my 2nd and 3rd grade students will enjoy this activity. It will certainly provide concrete way to reinforce the lesson!
    Thanks for sharing this art project!

  13. lori says

    What a blessing your coloring pages are to my class of 9-11 year olds. They love to color and do the activities you’ve shared with us. Thank you!!

  14. Amanda says

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful coloring pages! I’ve colored this Noah’s page so I can show my students an example before they start. Can I email the images so you can share with others?

  15. says

    Every coloring page printed from your free resources is of so much great help for the toddlers/pre-school.
    thank you so much for such great help! God bless you.

  16. says

    Thank you so much for the free resources. I have linked to you in my latest blog post, recommending your free coloring pages.
    Thank you for your ministry.

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