Noah and the Ark Coloring Pages

Noah and the Ark coloring page
Noah & the Ark Story Page

These sequenced Bible coloring pages will help kids learn the story of Noah and the Ark. The main page has four panels that picture the major events from Genesis 6 – 8.

Directions: The children should color the first page, cut out these story sections, and then glue them to the numbered sheets below. We suggest printing the numbered pages on a light blue paper if available. This will give the finished project an attractive framed appearance.

You can choose your download format above. The PDF document is ready to print, but the jpeg allows advanced users to customize the sheets. If you are teaching Sunday School, you can also use this project as visual illustrations for your Noah and the Ark lesson. Click here to leave a comment about this free resource.

Numbered Coloring Page
Numbered Coloring Page
Numbered Coloring Page
Numbered Coloring Page



  1. Jacki Jones says

    Thank you for all that you do so we can have a better way to teach children about God and what happen in those day

    Thank you so much

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