John 3:16 Heart Coloring Pages (Free Valentine Printable)

Printable "John 3:16" Valentine Heart

If you’re looking for Christian ideas for Valentine’s day, this John 3:16 valentine printable should help. Use it for crafts in your Sunday School or children’s church.

We first posted it for Valentine’s Day, but you could also use it on March 3-16 for John 316 day. It has the text of John 3:16 in a heart shape. The letters in the Bible verse are aligned to show the word “Valentine” down the center of the heart. This coloring craft could also be used at home, in Sunday School, or in a Christian preschool class. Use this free coloring page to help your kids celebrate John 3:16 Day.

Directions: To print this Bible coloring page, click on the image or the link below to download as a PDF file.

John 3:16 coloring page We’ve added two new Valentine’s Day coloring sheets with a similar theme. They show how Jesus is God’s gift of love to this world and include the John 3:16 Bible reference.

Optional Valentine Craft Idea: Instead of using the coloring sheet, make your own. For this simple activity, you will need heart shaped construction paper and dark writing utensils (markers, crayons, pens). All you need to do is have the kids write the word “Valentine” vertically just right of the center of the heart and then fill in the words below. You will end up writing out John 3:16.  You may want to write “Valentine” yourself on the hearts if you have time.

For God so Loved the World that
He gave His
Only Son that
Whoever believes
In Him
Should not
Perish but have

–John 3:16


  1. Chantel says

    Wow I’m so excited to have found your page! Printed this for my preschool class, what a blessing to find printables that point to The Only One who matters!!

  2. Murika says

    Thank you so much for what you do for the Kingdom. I am so excited. I plan to use this for a fun day at my home and I will share it with our Children’s Church leader as well.

  3. Mboza Lwandiko Maige says

    For sure you are a blessing for this precious Ministry for our Kids!
    Somebody has said words can not express, I think its true.
    We who teach in our Sunday schools have really being blessed and learn a lot from you always.
    May God help us to use these blessings effectively for his Glory.
    God bless you so much brother!
    Mboza – Tanzania/East Africa.

  4. Lalnilawma says

    So creative. Thanks I will show it in a big screen as we are organizing a valentines program in the Church with youth and kids.


  5. Stella Adams says

    May God continue to bless bless others. Our children at Sunday school will enjoy these activities. I cannot wait to see their little faces light up during the sessions . Your ideas are great. I appreciate your Ministry. Keep the good work going.

  6. Amanda Vance says

    I teach a Primary age Sunday school class at a new church. In the last year our church has grown so much that our original one class has split into 5 classes for our youth. I have only been teaching a little over a year. I stumbled across your site while looking for printable coloring pages. I LOVE YOUR SITE! I also refered my aunt who teaches Sunday school to this site. Her church is very small and has little to no budget so all the free lessons and coloring pages have been a real blessing for them.
    My kids LOVE all the stuff I have gotten from your site! Thanks so much for blessing both myself and my aunt and all our wonderful kiddos in Sunday school. Keep up the great work!

  7. Doris Lloyd says

    I am so excited to have found this web site. I teach Children’s church ages 4-10 and these lessons have been a great help. Thanks so much for all the ideas. Our church is small, but we have a lot of children. This has been added to my favorites, so it’s easy to pull it up. Thank you so much.

  8. Marlene Oglesby says

    I just want to Thank you for putting such good lessons etc. together. So very very helpful in Children’s Church. God Bless you and keep Blessing you with such awsome things for us to use. Thank you again

  9. Krista Durst says

    I love this site and use it all the time!! Thank you so much.

  10. Arden Regnier says

    I can not put into the proper words how wonderful this site is. I am a Sunday School Superintendent in a small church that runs on a very low budget. Being able to get all of the free lessons, coloring pages and activities has been a wonderful asset. My children are enjoying these lessons and learning as well staying well within our small budget. Thank you and God bless you for all that you do.

  11. Sharon Bryan says

    The resources on your site are awesome. I work at a Christian -based After School and Summer Daycare program and these are tremendously helpful!

  12. Flaviour Kaumba says

    Pastor Tony, you have been such a great help with the team. I teach children and I have a great passion for this ministry but I am not good at drawing. The crafts you send to me compliment and suplement what I fail to do. I have become even moreefficient. Thank God for you. The John 3:16 page is simply supersome.

  13. Kris says

    Was looking for ideas for children’s church for February related to love and Valentine’s Day. Your website gave me some good ideas to use as a springboard. Love the coloring pages, too!

  14. Daisy says

    I’m so glad, because I found this wonderful site.
    Easy to understand and complete materials….
    God is good, I hope and pray, continue serving the Lord.
    And God bless us!

  15. says

    Thank you so much for your encouraging note. Hearing your kind words really keeps us motivated to improve the site going forward.

  16. Margaret says

    You will not fathom what your website mean to me. I teach Sunday school and as most teachers can attest, finance is not always there. Yet we want so much to see little faces light up with glad surprises and the older ones enjoying everything from God. I cannot thank you enough for your website. May God bless you richly so you can continue to bless others.

  17. Audrey Webb says


  18. says

    The word eternal is spelled wrong. It is spelled eternanal.
    thanks for the coloring page. It would be a good idea to make the correction if you can though.

  19. Nettie says

    Good morning
    I am so blessed by all this material on your site, we have started a new church called Fatherheart Ministies in East London south Africa, and because of limited finances we can’t always have what we need them. We’re building church and I’s sure you know what that costs !
    So I would just like to thank you for the wonderful website
    May you be blessed as you are a blessings


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