Learning the "en" Words Flip Book

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en-wordsMy youngest son is learning to recognize his letters and letter sounds. Letters, by themselves, had no meaning to him and he kept wanting me to help him write words. I wanted his zeal for learning words to continue, so I decided to teach him the letters and letter sounds in conjunction with word families. Word families are words that rhyme. For example: at words are cat, hat, rat, sat, etc. My mom found us these books that are part of the “Fun with Phonics” series. We are using these as a springboard to learn the letters, letter sounds, and words.
To go along with these books, I am creating some flip books for him to go through. Repetition is the key in learning, so anything that I can do that has these same sounds, will be helpful to him.

  • Click here to download this “en” words flip book

This is the third flip book I made. It goes along with the “Learn to Read with Jen the hen” book by Sue Graves, but can be used by itself. The words “Ben”, “Jen”, and “Len” are capitalized because they are names in the book. I hope this helps your little readers as it will help mine!
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