The #1 Blessing of Homeschooling

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homeschooling blessingThis article was written by Eric Carpenter, a homeschooling dad from Savannah, Georgia. You can find more of Eric’s articles on his website titled Hammer and Nail.
Educating our three children at home has been a great blessing for the past six-or-so years. I cannot even begin to think of all the privileges and thrills it has brought to our lives. However, if I had to choose the #1 blessing of homeschooling, it would be this: knowing that our children are receiving an integrated education that has Jesus Christ at the very center.
Different families break down the homeschooling responsibilities in different ways. I admit that my wife does most of the homeschooling for our family. My primary duty and privilege is leading our family in worship. This usually involves bible study, prayer, hymn singing, and catechism memorization. This is probably the high point of my day. Seeing my kids grow closer to God while learning more about who he is is absolutely amazing.
One great benefit for our children is the integration of their studies around Jesus Christ. In other words, as they are learning about math, they see that it is God who created math to be the way it is. As they study literature, they see what great gifts God has given to us to be able to read and write prose and poetry. As they study science, God’s hand in creation becomes more apparent to them. As they look at world history, they can see God’s providential care over his people and world. I could go on.
The point is that not only are our children receiving a Christian education, but they also are seeing how Christ relates to all of their academic subjects. He is quite purposely the absolute center of what they are learning. We base this intentional focus upon God on this and this.
When our kids finish school at home and go on to college, they will know what they believe. They will not be confused by a secular education that conflicts with what they are taught in church. Their worldview will be secure.
Of course, all this rests in the sovereignty and providence of God. We thank him for his grace and mercy in making up for where we fail as homeschooling parents.

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