"Love Letters from God" a Children's Bible Storybook

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Love Letters from God for Children
I’m trying to keep clear of posting too many book reviews. That’s because our website is really focused on helping churches and ministry leaders with zero budget. But I do make some exceptions, especially for ministry friends like Glenys NELLIST.
She’s written a beautiful and engaging book for children titled, “Love Letters from God.” It’s something of a story Bible, but each section has a fold-out “letter” where the main point is emphasized by a personal message from God.
You can see from the reviews on Amazon, this book is very well-done. People love this book.
I enjoyed my copy and passed it along to several of the kids in our family. For each section, the children were excited to see what the “secret message” from God would be.
Overall, this book appealed more to the girls in our family. That could be a function of age, since most of our boys are younger now.
I’m sure this book will become a treasure on many family bookshelves. It’s almost perfect for reading together at bedtime on a cold winter night.
Here’s a little view to give you a better idea about the book.

YouTube video

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