The Eaglet Gospel Booklet for Children by Jim Elliff & Caffy Whitney

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There are many helpful tools for sharing the Gospel with children, but sometimes the most effective are Gospel-centered stories. When kids grow up hearing these stories, it can impress God’s grace upon their imagination.
Recently, the people at Christian Communications Worldwide sent me a review copy of the Eaglet booklet and DVD. I had read the story online from their website, but had not printed it off for real world use.
The booklet has two main sections. The first is the story of a baby Eagle, the Eaglet. The second discusses the story that brings out the Gospel clearly. The artwork is by illustrator Caffy Whitney.
The-eaglet-dvdThe Eaglet DVD is a narrated version of the booklet. We watched this in our children’s church with some success. The children liked the story and the last minute rescue.
This resource could be distributed to families in the church.  With repeated reading, it would help them understand the Gospel.  It is more expensive that a simple tract, but priced reasonable if you buy in larger quantities. They also have a free PowerPoint version of the storybook on the CCW website.

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