Video Review: Children's Storybook & DVD about the Atonement

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Here is a short video clip where I talk about the Prince’s Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul. This book has been around for several years, but was just released as a DVD storybook. This will make the excellent theological content of this story even more useful for ministry. You can also watch my clip about the Prince’s Poison Cup directly on YouTube.
The Prince’s Poison Cup story on DVD is only 13 minutes long. So, it’s handy to have around to fill up extra teaching time. I would also recommend using the video as part of your family devotions time. With all Christian allegories, the kids do best when they discover the connects for themselves. I like to ask leading questions like, “Does anything about the Price remind you of Jesus?”
You can hear samples from the Ligonier website. I bought my DVD and book from available from Westminster Books.

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