Podcast #8: Matt McKee on Technology, Orange Thinking, and Bad Puppets

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It’s just hard to stick with one topic when you’re talking with someone like Matt McKee.
So, I’m not sure how to introduce this one. The conversation was very good but we covered so many different topics. I asked Matt about Orange and all the buzz about family ministry. Then we covered some new technology and how churches can make the most of it. Then to round off the episode, Matt answered some questions from Twitter.
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r04r.com makes mobile apps for churches
Matt is one of the top kids ministry bloggers. He has just founded a mobile app company called r04r that specializes in helping ministries. He also does social media for Orange and is a big fan of their strategy. You can follow @mattmckee on Twitter.
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If you’re new to the Orange Strategy, you should check out their website or download some free Orange curriculum.

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