Podcast #7 Over-Churched Kids

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What’s an 18 year old doing starting a website about kids ministry?
That was my first thought when I found out about Brandon Maddux from Children’s Ministry Live. Most guys his age are chasing after the world or still looking for their purpose in life. Β To hear the full story, listen to the audio below.
This is a special collaborative podcast with Children’s Ministry Live. The audio below is the second part from our conversation. Click here to listen to the first section where Brandon interviews me about the problem of overchurched kids..
Directions: To listen to this 13 minute audio recording, just press play below or download the MP3 file to your computer. You can also subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes.
In this conversation, I interview Brandon. He tells his story and explains why he did not become overchurched. We also talk about his website and ministry plans. We kept the length short so you would have time to check out the companion episode on his website where Brandon interviews me about the problem of kids who’ve had too much church.

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