5 Creative Sunday School Activities Using Post-It Notes

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5 Creative Sunday School Activities Using Post-It NotesI think we’ve all been there.  We’re finished with our prepared lesson and there is still a LOT of time remaining.  There are also a LOT of children staring up at you, anxiously awaiting their next activity.
Next time you’re caught with too much free time, here are some fun and easy activities to do with the students.  Just make sure you have some Post-Its on hand.
1.   Post-It your Pastor’s car: Have the students write short, encouraging notes on Post –Its.  Use examples like these to get them thinking:  “Thank you for loving Jesus,” or “I like how you smile when you see me,” or “How did you get so smart?”  Give the students 5 minutes to write as many as they can.  Then go out and cover the car (or have a volunteer do it for you.)  Make sure to take a picture of the mischief!
2.  Memory Mosaics: Have the students brainstorm as many verses as they know, or at least some of their favorites on colored Post-Its.  (Have some suggestions on hand for students who are drawing a blank.)  Have them decorate pieces of construction paper with these verses to create mosaics of God’s word.
3. Guess Who Game: Write one Bible character name on every Post-It.  Stick Post-Its on students’ backs.  Have individuals stand up (one at a time), turn around, and sit down so that the group can read each name.  Have the group give each student clues to help him/her identify the character.  Continue until every Bible figure has been named.
4. Scripture Memory Game: Choose a verse to review.  Write one word on every Post-It.  Scramble the words and have the students work together to put the verse in order.  If the class is large enough, write the verse out a few times and compete in teams.
5.   Create Your Own Cartoon: Distribute Post-Its, construction paper, and markers.   Have children re-tell the Bible lesson using cartoons.  Have each Post-It be a different frame, telling a portion of the story.  Once frames are completed, have the students stick them on the construction paper.  If time still remains, have them share their cartoon Bible stories with the class.
What ideas do you utilize when there is an abundance of time remaining? We welcome your feedback!

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