Sketching Bible Memory Verses

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Here is a fun learning activity that will promote understanding of Bible memory verses. One of weak points of route Bible memory is a lack of comprehension. This sketch process will force them (and you) to transfer concepts into symbols, a key skill in learning.
Bible memory verse activity
Supplies: Dry erase maker and board. Alternatively you can use poster board, giant Post-It notes, or sidewalk chalk.
Target Age: I’ve used Bible verse learning activity with K4 through adults. It’s actually easier for kids than grown-ups to be creative.
Procedure: After rehearsing the memory verse, invite volunteers to sketch one short element from the verse. I typically choose an older child first to set a good pattern for the others. Then I invite other children one at a time until we’ve sketched the verse. You can take a photo of the finished project to print off or post on Facebook.
Possible Variations: You could easily split this activity into small groups and use a single piece of white paper. I often repeat the same Bible verse the next week except I let each child work independently on their own sketch. Then we compare the end results and discuss the different ways the concepts were represented.
Please leave a comment if you’d like to suggest another variation of this activity. You can also share where you have found it most useful. We’ve used it as a Sunday School craft or object lesson in children’s church.

More Examples

Here are a few more examples of Bible verses we’ve used with this teaching method. If you would like to share one of your own, just post it the wall of our Facebook page.

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