Printable "Christmas Story" Reader (Luke 2:6-12)

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Printable "Christmas Story" Reader (Luke 2:6-12)
My 1st grade son is learning to read and we are working on larger words by using syllables and word parts. We are studying the Christmas story right now and I wanted something that he could use to learn the story as well and practice his reading skills. So I have put this little reader together use Luke 2:6-12 as a guide.

I wrote the story using less words as well as simpler words, trying to keep it closer to his reading level. I have put one verse per page and have split up the multi-syllable words up into their word parts to make it easier. I use this method when teaching him to read to show him that he can read larger words by splitting them up into the smaller word parts that he already knows. I hope you all are able to use this with your kids at home as well as at home to let them read THE Christmas story at their level.

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