Printable "Christmas Story" Reader (Luke 2:6-12)

My 1st grade son is learning to read and we are working on larger words by using syllables and word parts. We are studying the Christmas story right now and I wanted something that he could use to learn the story as well and practice his reading skills. So I have put this little reader together use Luke 2:6-12 as a guide. Click on the preview image above to download the printable version I wrote the story

THE Christmas Story – Luke 2:1-20 Printable Booklet

I love to tell the story of Jesus’ birth to my Sunday School kids. They are preschool and kindergarten children and they love story time! I wanted just a simple book to read them this Christmas, so I put together this little booklet for them. I’m going to print out a copy for the classroom as well as a copy for each child to take home. Click on the preview above to download the printable version It’s

This is a Star, This is a Stable – Christmas Story Reader

I was going around trying to find a book that I can use with my kindergartener. He is learning to read and struggles still. I needed something that was good for us to go through together, while staying true to the Christmas story. Since I couldn’t find anything, I thought I would just make one. Click here to download It is repetitious, which helps learning readers with confidence in reading. It does have a few difficult words

3 Ways to Tell the Christmas Story

Oh the Nativity! What a magnificent and detailed story we have about God’s love for mankind. It’s a narrative that deserves reverence and a more than a half-hearted, annual re-telling . As children’s ministers, it’s our awesome job to share this wonderful tale of love to our children with as much excitement as we can. Honestly, there are tons of ways you can tell the Christmas story but this year, why not mix it up a little.

"The Christmas Story" Skit for Sunday School Class

This skit of the Christmas story is designed to be read in a Sunday School class. It gives the children the chance to experience what happened without an elaborate stage production. If you wanted, however, you could use some props and actions in your classroom. The Story of Christmas Skit for Children’s Church or Sunday School Use the link above to download as a printable PDF document or preview the skit below. You can also browse full

Christmas Story Told by Facebook Updates [video]

I love this creative way of re-telling the Christmas story. It uses different status updates from “Joseph” and “Mary” to highlight the experience of the characters who were really there. The company who produced this has it available for download on their website. Editors Note: Check out a similar video here with a little more humor. The video was uploaded to Facebook by Thrive Church. You can click here to leave comments.

Little Star: Creative New Book Retells the Christmas Story

I love Christmas.  I always have.  I loved Christmas long before I ever loved the reason for it.  Now that He is Lord and Savior of my life, I love Christmas in a whole new way. So, when I came home from work last Friday night and found a brand new children’s Christmas book in my mailbox, I was overjoyed.  Now, I have read my share of Christmas books (including kids’ Christmas books).  Some are really good,

Christmas Story Poem (Free Printable) Twas the Night of Jesus' Birth

This simple poem is perfect for sharing the story of Jesus birth with younger children. Scroll down to see the full text or simply download the printable PDF storybook below: Twas the Night of Jesus Birth Printable Christmas Story Poem Twas the Night of Jesus Birth (full text) ‘Twas the night of Jesus’ birth, when all through the town Not a creature was stirring, not even a cow The animals were munching in their stable where They

"He's Here" Christmas Story Video from the Jesus Storybook Bible

Here is a video clip that I’m going show the kids at my church this Christmas season. It does a great job of setting the story of Jesus’ birth in the context of redemptive history. Watch the 5 minute video clip and see for yourself. This would also be a great way to share the Christmas story with your children at home or during family devotions. For more information visit the book’s official website or Facebook page. You can buy

12 Way to Make the Christmas Story Come Alive for Kids

Christmas comes alive in homes when parents actively invite their children to participate in the account of the Savior’s birth.  Effective learning happens when children are allowed to discover, imagine, and create in a way that engages the whole child.  Distribute this idea list to families with preschool-aged children to assist them in grasping the beauty of Christ’s entrance into the world.  Here are some ways to engage young children in the account of Christmas. 12 Way to Make the

Printable Storybook "Can You Tell Me the Story of Christmas?"

* This idea was submitted by Bethany Tapp, the director of children’s ministries at the United Christian Church of Dubai. In preparation for our church’s Christmas carnival I was looking for a book to give families that was clear on the gospel as it told the Christmas story and couldn’t find anything that fit my needs, so I decided to write one for our families. And, thought that while I was sharing I might as well share with others. Click here

Christmas Photo Storybook: An Easy Christmas Program Alternative

What do you do when you’ve got a group of children in your ministry who don’t like to perform in front of an audience, who refuse to learn lines or can’t make practice dates? Opt for the photo storybook program! It’s an easy Christmas program alternative when you’re short on time, budget and cast members. If your church regularly uses PowerPoint and you have a digital camera; this is the idea Christmas program for you! Basically, a

Preschool Christmas Lesson "The Story of the Wise Men"

This is the final preschool lesson in a 3-part series on The Birth of Christ.  It is designed to teach preschooler about the Christmas Story based on the details of the Wise Mens’ visit to see the Jesus. It could be used in any setting with children age 2-5 at church, including a preschool Sunday School class or a preschool children’s church class. As always, consider your own ministry context and modify it as needed. Please leave

Preschool Christmas Lesson "The Story of the Shepherds"

This is the second of a 3-part series on The Birth of Christ. This lesson plan is designed to teach preschool aged children about the Christmas Story based on the details of the Shepherds’ visit to see the baby Jesus. It could be used in any setting with children age 2-5 at church, including a preschool Sunday School class or a preschool children’s church class. As always, consider your own ministry context and modify it as needed.

Story of Christmas (Printable PDF) Storybook about Jesus Birth

Download these simple storybooks to help children read the biblical story of Christmas. The combined file below includes the three mini-booklets and our poem about the night of Jesus birth in one easy printable PDF file. The Christmas Story for Children Printable PDF “Birth of Jesus” Kids Version Our simple printable mini-books includes the text from the NIRV (New International Readers Version) along with simple pictures to help children read along with the biblical Story of Christmas.

Preschool Christmas Lesson "The Story of the Stable"

This is the first of a 3-part series on The Birth of Christ. This lesson plan is designed to teach preschool aged children about the Christmas Story based on the details of being born in a stable. It could be used in any setting with children age 2-5 at church, including a preschool Sunday School class or a preschool children’s church class. As always, consider your own ministry context and modify it as needed. Please leave any

Celebrate the True Spirit of Christmas with Gingerbread Bash!

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ than with an engaging, family-friendly event that combines fun, faith, and festivity? Introducing Gingerbread Bash, a gospel-centered Christmas experience that promises to be the highlight of your holiday season. Here’s why your church or family should consider participating in this unique event. Click here to learn more! What is Gingerbread Bash? Gingerbread Bash is a 60-90 minute program designed for

Announcing the “Heroes of the Nativity”: A New 5-Lesson Christmas Curriculum for Children’s Ministry

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new children’s ministry curriculum for the upcoming Christmas season: “Heroes of the Nativity“. This 5-lesson series is designed to help children aged 6-12 years old experience the joy of faith in God through the stories of the heroes of the Nativity. Download the 1st week’s lesson as a free sample below. Life can sometimes be a little scary and uncertain, can’t it? Even in the Bible, people faced

Jesus is the Star! Craft Ideas for Christmas and the Nativity

Christmas is a joyful, blessed, marvelous time and day to celebrate. It can be easy, though, to get wrapped up in holiday hubbub and forget where our focus should be. As we anticipate and rejoice in the birth of Jesus, we should also think about the blessing of why He came and what it means for us. These fun crafts are great for anytime around Christmas, offering unique takes on the story of the Nativity. A “Star

Good News! Craft Ideas for Christmas Angels as God’s Messengers

Angels are remarkable to consider, and are an integral part of the Nativity narrative. God’s messengers might not have been as “white and fluffy” as we typically imagine them, but whatever they looked like, they spread hope and good news of blessing to Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds. Celebrate the Christmas story with a couple of fun angel crafts. An “angel in a pail” uses creative supplies on hand to put together an unusual angel. An “Angel

Christmas Devotional & Activity Books for Kids

Christmas is coming—get these beautiful devotional books out to your families to share the story of Jesus Birth together. This will make a wonderful gift for each child in your ministry. Use these books as a gift to the children in your ministry. View all the Christmas resources at the Sunday School Store. Kids love Christmastime! The stable full of friendly animals. The wise men and their gifts. The Baby in the manger. For spiritual “quality time”

“Trim Up the Tree” Sunday School Lesson based on the Traditions and Symbols of Christmas

For many people, the Christmas carols turn up and the decorations come out as soon as the Thanksgiving turkey is put away (or perhaps a few weeks before that). Stockings are hung, trees decked out with ornaments, cookies baked, and gifts wrapped. Cars drive slowly down neighborhood streets as kids and adults alike admire bright lights and inflatable lawn characters. It is definitely a joyous and festive season. Why do we practice all of these traditions, though?

5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in a Pandemic

Christmas looks and feels a little different this year. Traditions have been altered. Parties have been canceled. Gatherings have been smaller. But there are still so many ways to celebrate! Go Curriculum shares these five simple ways you can encourage your families to remember the good news of Jesus this Christmas. COLLECT CANNED FOODS FOR A FOOD PANTRY Jesus – the King of the Universe – stepped down from His throne to serve us. Isn’t that incredible?

“Tales from the Miracle Book” New Dramatic Bible Storytelling Video Series (Free Resource)

This is a guest post from Mike & Rebecca Peacock, who create Tales from the Miracle Book. Hubby and I were wondering how to take what we have been doing for 20 years in Primary Schools and churches to impact more people. Rather than needing to be in the location of a school or church, how could we get the story of Easter – the most exciting and dramatic story of all time- out there using the