THE Christmas Story – Luke 2:1-20 Printable Booklet

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I love to tell the story of Jesus’ birth to my Sunday School kids. They are preschool and kindergarten children and they love story time! I wanted just a simple book to read them this Christmas, so I put together this little booklet for them. I’m going to print out a copy for the classroom as well as a copy for each child to take home.

It’s just a simple booklet with humble pictures, but it has an extraordinary message. It is the message of the Savior coming to this earth by humble circumstances. It is a message that doesn’t need any fluff or stardom, just what the Bible says. I wanted my students to hear the message straight from God’s Word, so this booklet was copied directly from Luke 2:1-20.
I hope you and your children enjoy it as much as I know my children will.

4 thoughts on “THE Christmas Story – Luke 2:1-20 Printable Booklet”

  1. I just want to say thank you for such great and simple lessons and pictures. Our church is very small in a neighborhood with hurting people. Our children’s church can have 1 to 12 kids at any service. They can walk to the church. The ages of the kids we get range from 2yrs. to 15 years old. We are challenge with tailoring our lessons for all ages. It is a honor to teach these kids about the Lord, salvation, etc. You have made this possible with your ministry of giving.
    I want you to now how thankful we for these lessons.
    Barb Murphy

  2. A big thank you to you all! My grandchildren come to my house once a week and we have ‘Spiritual Adventures’ together. Your site has been a great help to us as we learn and share Gods amazing Word together. We have especially been blessed as we start the Christmas journey and the miracle of our Saviours birth is revealed.

  3. I love you lesson and other materials. Our church is small with a limited budget and your site is exactly what I was looking for.

  4. I just want to say a very big thank you to you Toby and your entire family. You have been of great help to me ever since I became a substitute in our church’s Sunday school. With your help and, hat of God, I don’t feel like a substitute because the kids love to hear what I have for tgemcecery week and they comport themselves too whenever I’m around. God bless you for the goof work you’re doing and the help you’re giving to Sunday school teachers like myself in helping to shape the future of our future generations.

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