Free "Christmas I-Spy" Printable Worksheets

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It’s Christmas time and we are all looking for fun activities to do in our classrooms. This free Christmas I-Spy game is a great one to use during class or even during a Christmas party. You can use this activity in a variety of ways. First of all, you could print out a copy of the picture for each child as well as a list. There are two lists provided: a picture list for the younger children and a word list for the older children. There is also a letters and numbers list so that it will make it easier to know what they look like. Another way you could use this activity would be to print out one of the pictures and have the children take turns looking for the items.

After the children find all of the items, you can take the time to talk about what all is there. This can be used to teach the Christmas story. You can discuss the manger scene, the wise men (even though they came later), the stars, the candles, the candy canes, the animals, etc. Some of these items are not directly related to the story of Jesus’ birth, but they do have to do with the Christmas season. Now would be a great time to read the “12 Symbols of Christmas” book with the children, as well.

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