Skit: Two Missionaries from Acts 13-14

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Paul and Barnabas Missionary Journey Acts 13-14
This Bible teaching skit gives the children a feel for the challenges and opportunities experienced by Paul and Barnabas during their visits to Cyprus (Acts 13) and Lystra (Acts 14). It is designed to be read during Sunday School or children’s church to review the story and may be repeated to give all the children a chance to participate.

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The two acts may be used together or separately. Costumes are not required but can add to the atmosphere.

Two Missionaries Bible Teaching Skit

Act 1 (In Cyprus)
Cast – Paul, Barnabas, Elymas (magician), Sergius Paulus (governor)
Paul: Well, here we are in Cyprus. We’ve been here only a little while and we’re going to get to tell the governor of Cyprus about Jesus.
Barnabas: Governor Sergius Paulus is a smart man. He ought to know the truth when he hears it. Come on, it’s time for us to go in.
Governor: Welcome to Cyprus, Paul and Barnabas. I’ve been wanting to hear about this Jesus of yours.
Paul: Thank you sir. As you know, the Jewish prophets told about a coming Savior long before Jesus was born.
Elymas: Baloney! Those predictions were written hundreds or years after the things happened.
Paul: God knew that people were lost in their sins, so He sent His Son Jesus to help them. When Jesus died on the cross he paid for our sins, which we couldn’t do for ourselves, and allowed us to be friends with God again.
Elymas: Quit trying to make people feel guilty. Besides, Jesus died years ago.
Barnabas: But Jesus came back to life. Anyhow, Governor, you have to personally trust Jesus as your Savior. Then God will live inside you, like He does us.
Elymas: Come on guys, get your story straight. Nobody’s going to believe that garbage!
Paul: I’ll show you what’s garbage, you son of the devil. You’re against everything that’s right and good. God is going to make you blind now.
Elymas: Hey, I can’t see! (feels around) Somebody help me!! Which way’s the door?
Governor: I believe everything you’ve said, Paul. Now I know Jesus lives in my heart.
Thank you, Paul and Barnabas, for telling me about Jesus.Act 2
(In Lystra)
Cast – Paul, Barnabas, Crippled man, Priest of Zeus, Man in crowd # 1, Man in crowd # 2
(Paul is preaching)
Paul: Listen, everybody! We have good news for you. If you trust Jesus, you can be saved and live forever in heaven.
Crippled Man: That sounds good to me.
Paul: You’ve been crippled all your life. Now stand up and walk.
(The man gets up.)
Crippled Man: Whoopee!! I can walk!
Man in crowd # 1: Those guys must be gods, like in the old Greek legends.
Man in crowd # 2: That one (points to Barnabas) must be Zeus, king of the gods.
(points to Paul) The blabby one must be Hermes, messenger of the gods.
Man in crowd # 1: Let’s go get the priest of Zeus.
Barnabas: We’re doing pretty well, Paul. Look at all the people coming to hear us.
Paul: That’s great. Wait a minute! That’s the priest of Zeus. They think we’re the old
Greek false gods because of the miracle. We’ve got to stop them from sacrificing to us!
Priest of Zeus: We’re honored to have you in Lystra today, Zeus and Hermes. If you’ll bear with us a moment, we’ll get the sacrifice started.
Barnabas: You don’t understand! We’re here to tell you about the one true God. We’re just people, like you.
Priest of Zeus: We’ll all tell our grandchildren about this. This will really improve the offerings at the temple of Zeus.
Paul: (screams as loud as he can) NO! NO! NO!
(Everybody stops and listens.)
Paul: Jesus healed the man – nobody else. Believe in Him and God will live in you.
Barnabas: We got that stopped just in time.

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  1. Thank you for preparing this. I’m teaching adults ESL, so easy-language Bible skits/sketches are really useful!

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