Disciples Bingo – Bible Review Game

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This printable Bible bingo game reviews the names of the twelve disciples. There are twelve names on each card but only three in a row are required to win, so this is bingo with a twist. It is recommended for grade 2 and up.
Download: game boards and calling cards

  1. Print the bingo cards and the bingo calling cards on card stock or heavy paper, and cut apart the calling cards (20 bingo cards and 12 calling cards are included).
  2. Cut colored paper or cardboard into 1-inch squares to make markers (or choose to use other markers).
  3. Give each player a bingo card and a handful of markers.
  4. The leader draws a calling card, reads the title, and holds the card up for everyone to see. (Picture 1)
  5. Each player with a square matching the calling card places a marker on that square.
  6. The first person to get three markers in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally wins the game. (See Picture 2 and Picture 3 for possible winning combinations)
  7. Dump the markers and start over. Players can trade cards if they wish.
  8. Prizes are not necessary; kids love learning and playing games just for the fun of it.


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