Bible Review Skit about Judas

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Bible Review Skit about Judas

This skit allows students to review the story of Judas betraying Jesus. It could be repeated more than once to give everyone a chance to participate. This would probably be best for older children, as it has some scary parts.

Judas  // Cast Props
  • Judas Jesus Bag of money
  • High Priest Peter Sword
  • Priest 1 People in crowd
  • Priest 2 High Priest’s slave
Scene 1 – In the Temple
High Priest: Think hard, guys. We’ve got to think of some way to get rid of Jesus.
Judas: Psssst !!
Priest 1: Look, it’s Judas, one of Jesus’ friends.
Judas: Not any more, I’m not. What will you give me to tell you how to get to Jesus?
Priest 2: This is a lucky break! Here are thirty silver coins, Judas. (Gives Judas the
Judas: Hey, this sure beats stealing from the disciples’ money.
Scene 2 – In the Garden
(Peter and Jesus are on stage. The rest walk in, led by Judas.)
Judas: Remember, the one I go up to is Jesus.
(Judas goes up to Jesus.)
Judas: Hello Jesus. Good to see you.
(The crowd grabs Jesus.)
Peter: I’ll save you, Jesus.
(Peter pulls out a sword and cuts off the ear of the High Priest’s slave. The slave jumps
around, holding his ear.)
Jesus: Put that sword away Peter. If I wanted to get out of this, God would send me
twelve divisions of angels.
(Jesus touches the slave’s ear, healing him. The slave stops jumping around.)
High Priest: We’ve got you now, Jesus.
Scene 3 – In the Temple
(The priests are there. Judas runs in.)
Judas: You’re going to kill Jesus. I did wrong by selling Jesus out to you.
Priest 1: We are not going to worry about that. That’s your problem.
(Judas throws the money down.)
Judas: I can’t stand it. I’m going to hang myself. Does anyone have a rope I can use?
(Judas runs out.)
Priest 2: He really did hang himself. Look at him swinging in the breeze.
High Priest: Forget him. What will we do with his money? We can’t put it back in the
treasury because a man was killed for it.
Priest 1: We ought to do something worthwhile with it. Let’s buy the town dump and
use it to bury people who can’t afford a regular grave.
High Priest: That sounds good. Let’s do that.
Image above courtesy of Sweet Publishing and Distant Shores Media

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