How to Plan a Fall Festival

Little girl at fall festival.

The temperature is dropping, pumpkins are appearing at grocery stores, and Walgreens flu shot commercials are airing—Fall is here! An event we hold at our church every October is Fall Festival. Planning meetings are starting up and we are beginning to line up the details for this event. Here are a few tips if you […]

Messy Game Ideas: A Cheap Way To Splash Into School

Boy with watermelon helmet

At the beginning of the summer, my elementary teachers had the idea of having water games one Sunday morning for our elementary aged children. We decided to plan it after VBS with the intention of inviting our VBS attendees. “Splash Into School From VBS” took place during the Worship Service hour. Our kids loved it and […]

Potlucks: The Meeting Idea Volunteers Will Love


That’s right, I said potlucks are a great ministry resource. Some churches call this a pitch-in dinner or covered dish supper.   Whatever the name, this could be the key to your next children’s ministry training. I am at a smaller campus of our church and potlucks fit the informal atmosphere. It just feels right when everybody brings […]

How to Plan a Kids Ministry Camp

Kids at church camp

Every summer my church holds a Kids Camp for our elementary aged children.  This is one of the most fun events we have and I always look forward to those 3 days every year.  Here are a few suggestions in getting your own kids camp up and running. Decide length of time and ages: Our […]

“Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century” with Art Murphy


Recently, my church hosted a conference which was open to our children’s ministry volunteers, as well as other local churches in the area.  The conference was intended to not only encourage volunteers, but to train them as well.  The Friday night through Saturday morning trainings focused on material entitled, CM:21, Children’s Ministry in the Twenty […]

5 Tips for Volunteer Recruitment in Children’s Ministry

I think one of the biggest challenges anyone faces in ministry is recruiting (and keeping) volunteers. Particularly as a children’s director, it sometimes feels like pulling teeth to get church members to even consider stepping foot into the children’s department! I think there are several things we can do as preschool and elementary directors to […]