Paul’s Conversion Sequenced Coloring Page

Paul's conversion
Click above to download the main story coloring page

Download and print this sequenced Bible coloring page to teach the story of Paul’s conversion. You can use it as a teaching illustration, or pass it out to the children as a coloring page activity sheet. Click here to let us know how you will use this free resource.

Directions: Use the following links or click on the preview images. The PDF file will be easier to print and a smaller download. The jpeg image is easier to edit.

The inspiration of this story comes from Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus. He was on his way to persecute Jesus’ followers when God dramatically got his attention. The whole story of Paul’s conversion is found in Acts 9.

Optional: Watch a video clip about Saul’s Conversion from the Jesus Storybook Bible. We’ve also created a Bible lesson about Paul’s conversion.

Sequence Bible Story
Click above to download this storyline sheet.
Sequence Bible Story
Click above to download this storyline sheet.


  1. Lois Lee says

    I plan to use it as a teaching aid to illustrate Paul’s conversion.

  2. Lujean Howard says

    I will use this as a coloring page for children’s church.

  3. Micky says

    Thank you for the free book on Paul’s conversion, I’m using it for our AWANA program (grades K-2).

  4. Kari says

    Will use this as a part of our “Learning about the Disciples” theme of our Sunday School year

  5. Evelyn says

    I will use for Teaching tool and for children take home papers.

  6. Helene says

    These lessons and ideas are great addition to our VBS

    Thank You!

  7. says

    Will be using this material to teach my Sunday school class and my group in Children’s church. Thanks for the good help.

  8. Cynthia Vincent says

    I’ll be using this for my Sunday school class ages 2- 16. The drawings are interesting and provide a simple, clear progression. Thank you.

  9. Stephanie Kolb says

    I will be using this for Vacation Bible School. It is perfect for our theme. Thank you!

  10. Nancy Hale says

    We’ll be using this for Children’s Church next week. We’ll be reading the story out of Jesus’ Storybook Bible, too. THANK YOU for tools like this.

  11. Monica Vander Baan says

    I have used some of your material before. After some searching today I found this coloring story book on your site. Thank you so much – it took almost an hour to find something that I really wanted to share with the children.

  12. Timothy Lim says


    I’ll be using this sheet for my Sunday School Kids age 5-6. It’s well drawn. :)


  13. Pam Waidner says

    I am using this at the beginning of my Sunday School class as the children come in and then after everyone has colored them we will go to the story circle and tell the story of Saul/Paul and then come back and put them together . . . thank you so much for helping me with a craft

  14. theresa sohn says

    Thank you for your Acts study materials. We have been studying the life of Paul and will use this to make a poster of Paul’s conversion as a class.

  15. Maria Dewhirst says

    I am going to make a flip page where Saul is on the first page with a grumpy look and dark background and when you flip the page up, Paul is on the page with a gold background (because he saw the great light)

  16. says

    I will use this activity to prepare the kids on Sunday for the stories of Paul and how the Holy Spirit used him for great things! Thank you for the resources

  17. Sandi Sill says

    I will be using these coloring sheets on Paul’s Conversion during our children’s ministry on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for all your site does to help children’s ministry. It’s a blessing!

  18. Alice Mpete says

    thank you for the picture illustrations i found them to be very helpful kids love lessons with crafting God bless

  19. rosalindbaker says

    I have used the pictures you drew and written some of the biblical text relating to the pics under and have asked a question about the personal experience of the reader for each pic.

    I wasn’t going to talk about Pauls conversion this lesson but just felt a push by the Holy Spirit to do so after seein your worksheet, thanks!
    Ros B.

  20. P Gropp says

    I will use these coloring pages for illustrations and lead into a lesson on Saul.

    I have appreciated your material very much. Have used several of your coloring pages before.

    Thank you very much.

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