Sunday School Craft: Coat of Many Colors

In this free video, you’ll learn how to make a coat of many colors using tissue paper. This Bible craft idea is for preschool or elementary Sunday school lessons about Joseph. The children will enjoy this hands on Sunday school activity.

Once finished, the craft can be displayed on church bulletin boards to show what the kids have been learning. The Bible passage for that mentions the coat of many colors is Genesis 37:3-4.

Note: The NIV translates this as the “richly ornamented robe,” while the NASB calls it a “varicolored tunic.” This Bible lesson craft was created by


  1. Stephanie Hanson says

    I really like this idea. I have 2 year olds, so I used mini colored pom-poms instead of the tissue paper, and I glued a verse on the other side of the jacket. Great activity!

  2. Paige says

    I did a coat of many colors project with my kids that they loved. It’s a little messy so I had them wear clothes that could get dirty and put plastic tables clothes on the tables. I bought t-shirts that were too big for the kids to look like robes and let them paint them with finger paint. They loved decorating their shirts, it took about 3 weeks to finish and they dried between the weeks, and when they were all done they showed them in front of the congregation.

  3. lori says

    This is a great craft for my bible lesson for school. Thanks so much. God Bless.


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