Teaching Skit: Rahab and the Spies Skit

Rahab and the Spies (Joshua 2)

This skit was written directly from the NASB version of Joshua 2. This can be used in a class setting reading from the script or as a full skit in front of an audience with costumes and props. Suggested props would be: sign saying "Jericho", flax stalks (or stalks of any kind), scroll, quill pen Characters: Narrator, Joshua, Rahab, Servant, King, Spy 1, Spy 2 The … [Read more...]

“Joshua” Bible Coloring Page

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We created this free printable as a tool to help children learn about the book of Joshua. You can also search our website for related lesson plans about the book of Joshua. This coloring sheet is part of our larger series ┬áthat outline all the books of the Bible (it may take all of 2013 to complete!) We will add a series index one we have several books online. For now you … [Read more...]