10 Gifts that Kids Can Make for Mother's Day

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Mom and Daughter photo
Nothing says, “I love you” like a personal handmade gift from a child.  Whether it is a scribbled note, an abstract painting, or simple words of affirmation, kids delight in having something to give.  Depending on which gift you choose for your students to make, these gifts can be either treasured keepsakes or ultra practical.
With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here are some gift ideas that kids can make.  These gifts are simple, take little time to prepare, and are budget conscious.  They are perfect for a children’s ministry setting.  Most kids will make their gift for their mom, but be conscious and sensitive to those children without moms in the picture.  Give other options like grandma, aunt, teacher, stepmom, etc.
Have fun creating, encouraging, and blessing the special women in your children’s lives. For more ideas, check out our idea board on Pinterest.

10 Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

1.  A Unique Flower Pot:  Recycle a can, a tissue box, a plastic bottle, or whatever you have on hand.  Have the children decoupage scrapbook paper, newspaper, magazine scraps, tissue paper pieces, or fabric scraps to the pot.  Plant a flower inside or attach a seed packet with a fancy ribbon or twine.
2.  A Framed Hand Print:  Obtain a hand print from each child.  Frame the hand print in a dollar store frame.  If budget conscious, construct a frame from cardboard and have the children paint it, decoupage it, or decorate it with buttons or spray painted puzzle pieces, or ribbons.  You could also make your own simple mat for the print for parents to frame on their own.  For an alternate activity, have the students create flowers or flower bouquets out of their fingerprints in bright-colored ink and draw simple green stems and leaves.
3.  A Jar with Ready Made Dessert Mix:  Have an assembly line ready to go with ingredients from a favorite cookie, brownie, hot cocoa or chai, or other dessert mix.  Help the children to add the correct amount of ingredients and attach the recipe to the jar.  For an added touch, have the students personalize an inexpensive wooden spoon with a sharpie and attach that too.
4.  A Decorated Journal:  Any simple notebook can be made into a gorgeous decorated journal.  Have the students decoupage the journal with assorted paper or fabric supplies.  If the notebook is a spiral one, have them tie on small pieces of assorted ribbon to the spiral to jazz it up.  Have older students personalize the journal with a note in the front.
5.  Homemade Beauty Products:  All moms need a chance to sit back and relax!  What better way to make them feel pampered than to be given a natural beauty product.  Have the students create a sugar scrub, bubble bath, homemade soap, face mask, or bath salts.  Recycle small jars for the products if budget conscious.  (Art teachers generally have an endless supply of such things!)
6.  Framed Photo of Their Child:  Have someone familiar with photography take a unique picture of the child.  The child can be holding up a cute sign that says something like, “You make me smile!”  The child can do the sign language sign for, “I Love You!”  Or, the child can be holding flowers out as if giving them away.  Have the pictures printed and framed.  (See above suggestions for frames.)
7.  A Coupon Booklet:  Either have older students create their own simple booklet of five coupons or print out coupon templates for younger children to color.  The coupons can be redeemable for a breakfast in bed, a clean room, a big hug, time spent together, simple chores, “a prayer for you”, etc.
8.  An Interview:  If you have the capability, make an audio or video recording of the child asking them specific, guided questions about their mom.  If not, write out these questions and answers and frame them.  You could ask about special things they do together, what they love most about their mom, how their mom makes them laugh, their favorite time together, their favorite meal that mom makes, etc.  Make sure to prepare the students first and have them brainstorm before the interview.
9.  Homemade Cards:  Simple white card stock can be sized, cut, and folded to create a small package of handmade cards.  Have the students decorate just the top of the cards with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.  On the back, write “Created with Love by” and have the student sign their name or initials.  Give each mom a pack of three to five cards, with envelopes, and tie them together to make a finished product.
10.  Munch Mix:  Moms seem to be on the go often!  Create a munch mix for them to eat on the run.  Have the students create a personalized mix for their mom, including:  M&M’s, salted, chocolate, or yogurt pretzels, a variety of nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, sesame sticks, Cheez Its, graham snacks, Chex cereal, etc.  Enclose in a plastic bag with a bow, a small brown paper bag, or clear jars or containers.
What are some of your favorite ideas for kids to make their moms? Share your ideas in the comment section below.

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