Can You Hear Me God? (Psalm 17:6) Object Lesson for Sunday School

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Can You Hear Me God? (Psalm 17:6) Object Lesson for Sunday School
One of the biggest questions we ask God is, “Can you hear me?” No matter how old we get, it’s a nagging question we all have from time to time. The enemy would have us believe that God doesn’t hear us, that He gets tired of us, that we’ve gotten too far from that He can’t hear you. Yeah, that’s how the enemy works but that’s not what the Word of God says. Build a child’s faith and teach him that God always hears and cares, even if we have to pray in faith.
What You’ll Need

  • Radio with speakers
  • Speaker
  • Christian CD

Prepare to Teach
Plug in the radio and place it on a table in your teaching area. Also, set the speaker on the table but leave it unplugged. Set the radio to a Christian station or put in a Christian CD.
Let’s Teach
Have you ever prayed to God and wondered if He hears you? I understand how that feels. It’s natural to wonder if God hears you because sometimes we don’t hear Him talk back. Psalm 66:19 says, “But God did listen! He paid attention to my prayer.” See, even people in the Bible wondered if God heard them. Another good verse is, “I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.” That’s Psalm 17:6! To show you what I mean, I brought in a few visual aids. (Turn on the CD but put the volume on low.) 
Wow! I can barely hear that. What about you? Let’s turn it up louder. Wow, I can’t hear that either. Let’s turn it up louder! (Bring the volume up and down a few times.) See the music plays out of the speaker. We can adjust the volume by turning the knob. (Turn off the radio or put the CD on pause.) Okay, this is another speaker. Let me turn it on. (Nothing will happen.) Oh no! I can’t hear anything. Can you? Let’s turn it up! That’s sad, I can’t hear anything.
You know why this speaker doesn’t work? Because it’s not hooked up to the music. Nobody is talking into this speaker. See, we are like these speakers. We have to be hooked into God for Him to hear us. We have to talk to God! We need to sing to God! We have to trust that He will hear us!
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