Fruit of the Spirit Object Lessons

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fruit of the Spirit object lessonsOne of the most exciting lessons to teach Christian children is on the subject of the fruits of the spirit. In fifteen years of teaching I can honestly say that the fruits of the spirit series is one of the most rewarding lessons I can bring to my kids. However, in our fast-paced world it is difficult to teach children a long monologue of ideas even if it is good stuff like the Corinthian books. Many teachers, myself included, like using object lessons or short visual demonstrations to supplement their lessons or present different aspects of a Bible truth. In order to help you teach kids about the fruits of the spirit I’ve compiled a few ideas I’ve used in years past.
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Which Fruit?
For this fruits of the spirit object lesson you’ll need to make some comparison. You’ll need a basket of fresh fruit, overripe fruit and fake fruit. Arrange three plates of fruits on a table. Present the lesson to kids then use the plates to discuss how our lives like the three plates of fruit. Some people’s lives offer fresh fruit like love and joy to the people around them. Others have rotten fruit like hate and jealousy that makes them and others around them sick. The fake fruit is people who don’t want to grow in the spirit. Their lives may look good at first but people quickly realize that their fake fruit isn’t good for much of anything.
Fruit Salad
Before class starts you’ll need to chop up lots of fruits and vegetables. Place them in individual bowls. Label each bowl lid with a label that names one of the fruits. Put some yucky ingredients in a few bowls like broccoli, cauliflower or anything that doesn’t belong in a fruit salad. During your object lesson, add the good fruits to make a delicious fruit salad. Open the lids on the vegetables and act like you will add them to the fruit salad. Talk about how the best life has a little of all the spirit fruits in it. For fun have some bottles of ketchup or mustard too. Offer to add these extra condiments to the fruit salad. Share your fruits of the spirit object lesson with the class.
Fruit Tree
Set up a small Christmas tree in your class. Cut out several dozen fruits from construction paper. Give kids markers after your lesson and ask them to write the name of a spirit fruit on the papers. These might be fruits they desire to have or admire the most. With string and a hole puncher show kids how to make ornaments from the paper fruits. Allow kids to hang their fruits on the tree. Lead the kids in a prayer to ask God for help growing good fruit.
The fruits of the spirit are a good illustration of the life God desires for us. Use these free object lessons to show kids all of the fruits God offers.

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