Celebrating Moms in Kids Church–More Ideas!

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Mom and Daughter photo
Happily, many churches will be full of families on Mother’s Day! Kick the excitement up a notch with one of these nifty mom-inspired ideas. With just a little pre planning and supplies, you could encourage a mother who may not always hear those two important words, “Thank you!” From whimsical photos to interactive thank you notes, we’ve got fun ideas for ministries of all sizes.
I Love You Because….
This idea is a cinch but you do need some prep time. Some supplies are a pink twin sheet, pre-cut die letters, tape, pins a bars tool and a small hand-held chalkboard and chalk. The pink sheet is a background for the photo you’ll be taking of kids. You should hang it on a wall and then using black letters, tape up the words, “I love you because…”
Each child sits on the stool, (which is placed at the bottom of the sheet) and holds a chalkboard. Before you snap the pic, the child writes on the board why he or she loves mom.
Balloon Card
I love this interactive card idea. You’ll need a large latex balloon (yellow or pink colors work great) a Mother’s Day card and an envelope. You will need one for each child.
First, inflate the balloon and help the child write a special message on it like, “I love you Mom for all your sweet smiles.” Allow the ink to dry for one minute then deflate the balloon. Tuck the deflated balloon inside the card and send it home with a special message that says, “Please inflate me!” Mommies will love this little gift.
Fingerprint a Goldfish Bowl
If you can find inexpensive fish bowls (the mini kind) at your local dollar store, grab some. If you can find plastic ones, even better. Each child will receive a bowl to decorate and take home. You need some washable paints and plastic plates. Children will use their fingers to create flowers on the bowl. For example, a red fingerprint is the center of the flower but the yellow fingerprints are the petals. Kids can make several flowers. Do the project at the beginning of the class or the week before to allow the paint to dry. It’s that easy!
You can do it!
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