Covid-Safe Easter Egg Hunt: It’s Easter Egg-stravaganza from Go Curriculum

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Last year, our friends at Go Curriculum created an easy-to-use family Easter Egg hunt. It was a wonderful way to help churches continue their ministry during the pandemic. It was a wild success and hundreds of congregations and thousands of families enjoyed the program.

This year it’s back and freshly updated to help you share the Gospel with families again in 2021.

The bad news – the pandemic is still hanging around.

The good news – Go! has updated their video-driven program and it’s available now on their website.

“Easter Egg-stravaganza” is a Bible-based hunt that churches and families can do at church or at home with their children. You provide the plastic Easter eggs and candy or treats, and we provide the video and print materials to transform the hunt into a fun-filled, Gospel-centered experience. With step-by-step instructions, it’s so easy to do!

Ahead of time, hide Easter eggs around the building or yard. Some eggs have candy or treats and some have the Easter story pictures from the Bible. When ready, simply play the video for the kids and have them do what it says.

As the eggs are recovered, the good news is discovered—Jesus is alive!

This Easter, get kids into the story of Christ’s Resurrection with GO! curriculum. Download these two free Easter lessons from GO! One is for preschoolers and one is for elementary kids. They’re the perfect Easter lessons for your Children’s Church or Sunday School.

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