Bible Lesson & PowerPoint about Animals

We created this lesson plan for a stuffed-animal theme night at our church. Each child was allowed to bring their favorite toy pet. The lesson began with puppet skit improvisation that to introduced the theme, Bible verses, and some random tips for safety with animals. The main lesson is contained in the PowerPoint below. Just for fun, I included about … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Top 10 Boats in the Bible Lesson & PowerPoint

This simple lesson plan was prepared for our Pirate Theme night at church on a Wednesday evening. It could be useful for any children’s church or Sunday School lesson. I’ve included a few hints below, but would love to hear your ideas too. Simply leave a comment below to make suggestions for other readers. Downloads: PowerPoint Presentation (right-click to download) PDF … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Books of the Bible PowerPoint Review Slides

This is a PowerPoint Presentation that was made in order to help children learn the books of the Bible. The slides have been placed in groups in order for children to understand a little about the books as they learn the order. Directions: Click on the preview image to the right to download this PowerPoint file. We’ve also converted it … More Children’s Ministry Resources