Family Devotions with a Kid-Friendly Pirate Theme

I can’t say that I understand the fascination with pirates, but it exists!  Kids love pretending to be pirates!  They adore the ideas of ship travel, the anchor drop, a hook for a hand, buried loot, and treasure maps. You will love these devotions for kids based on that theme! If your little one has a fascination for playing the part … More Children’s Ministry Resources

8 Easy Tips for Family Devotions

Two weeks ago, our family sat around the breakfast table and opened our first “Resurrection Egg.”  I was so excited to break open these nifty little teaching tools, with elements of Christ’s journey to the cross, tucked inside.  I had visions of dreamy devotions for kids and sweet little children soaking in every word.  Well, it didn’t quite happen like … More Children’s Ministry Resources

5 Family Devotions to Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring with this collection of family devotions ideas.  You’ll be searching for treasures, playing in the mud, creating artwork, spring cleaning, and planting new life.  Grab your rain boots and allow the Word of God to speak anew.  Enjoy! 1. New Life Treasure Hunt Grab a camera and entrust it to your child if you’re brave.  Take binoculars and/or … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Five Snowy Day Family Devotional Ideas

I don’t know about you, but here in the northeast we have gotten hammered with snow.  Now I am not a cold weather person in the least, but I do adore the affect that snow has on kids.  The sheer thrill of snowflakes falling makes every limb of theirs dance stubbornly in their too big for them snowsuits.  Because they love snow, … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Creepy Crawly Family Devotions

In our home, we have a thing for bugs, spiders, and the like.  I don’t mind them and all, but my kids LOVE them.  It’s almost disturbing how my daughter can have seven worms climbing up her arms simultaneously.  She giggles as I gasp…. Yuck! Though you would never catch me covered with creepy crawlers, I would have to agree … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Family Devotions for the Big City

To me, they were just lights.  I had seen them a million times before.  Besides, I had potholes to dodge, detour signs to follow, and taxi drivers cruising along faster than I would like.  To our kids, the city lights created quite the stir.  Spontaneous applause erupted from the car seat gallery, shrieks of disbelief, and a conflict of estimates.  … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Cooking Up Family Devotions with Your Kids

Psalm 34:8 invites us to, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Jesus calls Himself the bread of life and He encourages His followers to be the salt of the earth.   There are innumerable references to fruit, fish, and oil in the Bible.   Sometimes food staples such as these are mentioned as part of the typical diet consumed.  Other … More Children’s Ministry Resources

5 On-The-Go Family Devotions for Summertime

The flip flops are flopping.  The sunscreen is lathered.  The baseball hats and sunglasses are on.  Juice boxes are packed for the tykes, candy for the husband with a sweet tooth, and coffee is in hand for me.  Summertime is my favorite time of year!  I’m pretty sure I love it all, bugs and humidity included.  Topping the list, without … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Family Worship Guide for Easter

Here is a simple devotional guide to help families worship Christ together during Easter time. It might be ideal for Saturday evening before Resurrection Sunday. Family Worship is the regular and intentional assembling as a family unit to worship God by reading scripture, praying and singing praise. This brief worksheet will help you lead your family in a short time of devotion … More Children’s Ministry Resources

Family Discipleship In The Summertime

Summertime is a more relaxed season of the year for many families (although with vacations, baseball, and family reunions our schedules can still be hectic!) But summer is a good time to remind ourselves as parents that growth in the grace and knowledge of God doesn’t take summer breaks. The summer months present a great opportunity for Christian moms and … More Children’s Ministry Resources