Daniel and the Lion’s Den (Preschool Bible Lesson)

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Use this free lesson plan to teach preschoolers how God saved Daniel from the Lion’s Den. We’ve included several activities, but please modify and include what is most appropriate for your ministry setting. Your suggestions are always helpful to other readers.
Bible Story: Daniel and the Lion’s Den – Daniel 6:2-4,6-7,10-13,16-17,19-22
Learning Objectives: After this lesson, the children will demonstrate an understanding of the story by telling the story to a neighbor with a puppet.
Target Age: 2 year olds – 5 year olds
Items Needed:

Teaching Plan: Daniel and the Lion’s Den

Welcome Activity: Welcome activities are things to have out for the children to do as they are arriving for class. These activities will get them engaged as soon as they arrive and will help the transition from their parents.

  • Have the children color the lion’s head. This will be used later in the lesson.

Worship Time: Use any preschool church songs your children enjoy
Bible Lesson Introduction: Who likes lions? What do lions sound like? What do lions do? What do lions eat? In our Bible Story today, we will be reading a story about a man and some lions.
Bible Lesson: Read Daniel 6:2-4,6-7,10-13,16-17,19-22 (NIRV) aloud to the children. There is also a book that you can print out that has the story along with simple pictures to help the children understand what is being read. Read the verses (story) to the children. If you are using the print out story, point to the pictures as you read the story so that the children can better understand what you are saying.
Responsive Listening: Read the story again for review, but this time have the children growl each time you say the word “lion”.
Discuss the Bible Reading

  • When you are finished reading the story the second time, ask the children the following questions so that you can know they understood it.
  • “Who was in the story?” The king, Daniel
  • “What was Daniel doing that was seen as wrong?” Praying to God
  • “What happened to Daniel because of this?” He was thrown into the lions’ den “Did he get hurt?” No
  • “Why?” God shut the lions’ mouths

Suggested  Crafts & Learning Activities

Lion Puppet Activity

  • Give each child a paper bag.
  • Have them cut their lion’s head (from the Welcome Activity) on the line across the middle (or cut it for them if they are too young to use scissors).
  • Have them glue the top part of the lion’s head on the flap of the bag and the bottom half of the lion’s head under the flap.
  • Lay out the strips of construction paper on the table and have the children glue them on the lion’s head as the mane. They can use the pencils or their finger to curl up the strips, if they want.

Activity: Bible Verse Memorization
“Daniel was brought out and thrown into the lions’ den. As soon as the sun began to rise, the king got up and he called out to Daniel. Daniel answered, “God’s angel shut the mouths of the lions. They haven’t hurt me at all.“ Daniel 6:16-22
Daniel was brought out and thrown into the lions’ den: act like you are throwing something
As soon as the sun began to rise: raise arms above head in the shape of a circle The king got up and called out to Daniel: cup hands around mouth
Daniel answered, “God’s angel: point to heaven Shut the mouths: open mouth and then shut mouth
Of the lions: growl like a lion
They haven’t hurt me at all: shake head “No” Daniel 6: hold 6 fingers up
16: hold 10 fingers up and then 6 fingers
22: hold up 2 fingers on each hand
Do this a few times with the children. Make it fun for them to do the motions and say the words. Involving them in active learning is essential for memorization at this age.
Bible Verse Activity: Daniel, Daniel, Lion (a.k.a. Duck, Duck, Goose)

  • Play Daniel, Daniel, Lion with the children

Evaluation: Have the children tell the story to a neighbor using their puppet.

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