Preschool Bible Lesson: God Knows Me

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Preschoole Bible LessonsTry this lesson with your toddler or preschool Sunday School class at church. The children will learn that “God knows me.”  This precious truth will lay a foundation for more learning about God and having a relationship with them.
With a little modification, you could use it in a variety of Bible teaching settings.  This lesson is based on David’s reflection on God’s wisdom and omniscience which is recorded in Psalm 139. Simply follow the directions below.

Bible Truth: God Knows Me
Scripture: Psalm 139:1 “Lord, You know everything about me.”
Target Age Group: Ages 2 – 4
Learning Context: Any small group setting like Sunday School or Church Toddler class.
Target Time Frame: 30 minutes
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Application: God knows me and sees everything I say and do or think… Good or Bad
Materials: Pictures of a circle, a car and a tree (pictures of animals would be fun too), Bible for reference

Bible Lesson Opening:

Pick a song to sing before you start. It could be one familiar to most kids, (i.e. Jesus Loves Me, If You’re Happy and You Know It, …), or for the older ones it could be one you made up.
Say: There was a man in the Bible named King David who God used to teach us how we can love and know God. But, before David became a king, he spent a lot of time in the fields by his home taking care of his father’s sheep. While he took care of the sheep he would play his harp and make up songs. In the Bible, David’s songs are called Psalms. (Show the children how to find Psalms in the middle of the Bible.)
Just like we sang, David sang songs to God while he was all alone in the fields. David sang songs thanking God for who God is. David sang songs telling God how much he loved God. David sang songs to ask God to help him when he needed it. One of the songs David wrote is called Psalm 139 and it teaches us that God knows us.
I want to teach you special words for today… “God knows me” Let’s say that together. (Make up motions or learn the sign language to do along with it.)
Our verse for today is from Psalm 139:1. (Show the children how to find chapter 139 and verse 1.) It says “Lord, You know everything about me.” Can we all say that together?
Let’s find out how much He does know about us!
Part One: (from Ps. 139:1, 2a, 3, 16b, 16c)
Everyone stand up where you are. Now sit back down again.
– God saw you do that!
Now stand back up again and reach and try to touch the ceiling. Now reach and try to touch the floor. Now sit back down.
– God saw you do that too!
Raise your hand if you slept last night?
– God watched you fall asleep and kept watching all night long!
Think in your head about yesterday. Did you make someone happy? How about sad? Did you go somewhere in the car? Did you get in trouble for something you did that was wrong?
– God watched you do those things!
Psalm 139 says that God knows when we sit down and stand up. He sees us when we go places and when we rest at home. God knows everything you do. God sees you when you are doing good things and He sees you when you are doing the things you know you shouldn’t do. He can see you all the time. God knew you were going to be here today before you even before you were born!
God sees you!! Everyone say God sees me.
Part Two: (from Ps. 139:2b, 4)
Alright now I want everyone to think of something in your head. Don’t say it or shout it out or tell your neighbor, just think of it inside your head about your favorite animal. Everyone have it? Okay, turn to your friend and tell them what your favorite animal is.
I don’t know what animal you thought of, but God heard what you thought in your head even before you said it out loud! Psalm 139 says God knows our thoughts and what we are going to say even before we say it. God knows the good things you think and say; and He knows the bad things you think and say. He can even hear you when you pray silently in your head.
God hears you!! Everyone say God hears me.
Part Three: (from Ps. 139:13-16a)
We know God knows us because he sees us and hears us. But did you know God knows us because he made us?
What shape is this?
(Point to the circle and have children answer.)
Who wants to try to be a circle?
(Choose 1 to 3 children to come up to the front and try to be a circle. Then send them to sit down again.)
Good job! Let’s all clap to show them how well they tried! As hard as they tried though could they ever really be a circle? Of course not!
Repeat activity with the pictures of the car and the tree.
Did God make us circles, cars, or trees? Psalm 139 says that God decided what you look like before you were born. Look at your neighbor. Do you look like them? No, of course not. You look like you! God knew what color your eyes and hair would be. He made your nose the perfect shape for you. He chose your hands and feet especially for you. He thinks you are darling and precious.
God made you!! Everyone say God made me.


We know God knows us because He sees us, He hears us, and He made us.
Today’s verse is “Lord, you know everything about me.” Can we say that together?
He sees everything we do, all the time. He hears everything we think and everything we say out loud. He made us look the way we do. God knows me and God knows you too!
What is our special words for today? (God knows me.)
Who wrote songs to God while he took care of the sheep? (David)
When can God see us? (All the time.)
Can God only hear us when we talk out loud? (No.)
Does God only hear the good things we do and think and say? Or does he know the bad things too? (He knows it all.)
Who made you exactly the way he wanted you to be? (God.)
Let’s say our verse for today together, Psalm 139:1- “Lord, you know everything about me.”

If Time Allows…

Have a song ready to teach the children. It could be a song you make up beforehand to a familiar tune.
for example… This is sung to the tune of “This Old Man”
God knows me.
God knows me.
God sees, he hears, he made me too.
He knows everything that I will do.
Thank you God for loving me too.
Discuss again how David made up songs to sing to God and that we can do the same


Recite Psalm 139:1- “Lord, you know everything about me.”
Repeat the special words for the day, “God Knows Me”
Pray thanking God for knowing us, seeing us, hearing us, and creating us.

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