"The Lord’s Prayer" Children's Handwriting Tracing Practice Sheets

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The Lord’s Prayer is a wonderful prayer for children to memorize. It is THE prayer where Jesus shows us how we should pray. It was a simple prayer to show us that we don’t need to have long elaborate prayers and fancy words in order to speak to our Lord God.

  • Click on the preview above to download the printable PDF  (file includes both cursive and printed text handwriting practice sheets)

I have made these handwriting pages in order to help our students learn this important prayer. The first part has the entire prayer followed by the rest of the prayer broken into smaller parts in order to practice the smaller parts at a time in order to learn the entire prayer. I have made a print version as well as a cursive version, depending on which type of writing your child will be using. Children can simply trace over the Bible verse to practice their handwriting skills while learning the Bible memory verse.

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