Table Games for Mother's Day

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Table Games for Mother's DayEvery holiday, it never fails. Kids are wound up! Especially if the holiday involves candy. Well, on Mother’s Day, I may have less of a problem with sugared-up children but it is still a good idea to have some table or sit down games ready to play. Of course, I do provide active games but when kids need something quieter, this game will do the trick!
Save this game for the end of your Mother’s Day session–especially if you choose the M&Ms! Sit down with kids and enjoy a laugh or two.
What You’ll Need

  • Dixie cups
  • M&Ms
  • Skittles
  • Cheerios
  • Paper towels
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Timer

Prepare to Teach
Before class, fill a cup for each child of tiny cereal or candy. Place one paper towel at each place setting. Place the cup in the center of the paper towel to keep it in place.
Now make a list of “Mommy” words and phrases kids can spell. Some suggestions are:

  1. Mom
  2. Mommy
  3. Happy Mother’s Day
  4. Mother
  5. I *Heart* Mom
  6. Praying Mom
  7. Loving Mom
  8. Happy Mom

Let’s Play
Tell the kids not to eat their treats yet. You will be playing with your food first. Explain that you will call out the word and kids will have until the timer goes off to spell it. Set the timer for 30 seconds or 1 minute, depending on the age of your kids. Obviously younger children might need a little more time.
Some variations on this game would be to have the kids work in pairs, with clean hands of course. You could also award a prize to the kid who spells the word the fastest.
Of course, when the game or games are over, kids can gobble up their treats! Happy Mother’s Day, and also give yourself a treat, go and get a mommy makeover utah where they will make you look beautiful!
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