6 Places to Find Teaching Inspiration

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Tips for Finding New IdeasTeachers need good sources of inspiration to bring the Word of God to life for their kids. Reading a Bible story makes a good starting place but sometimes, it helps to take inspiration from common things that kids can relate to.
One of the best ministry conferences I ever attended led the teachers in an exercise that challenged my thinking in this area. Teachers were divided into groups and handed a basket of kitchen gadgets. Each member of the group selected a gadget then had to tell the others how they could use it in a lesson. I was given a garlic press! That was challenging for sure! I held the garlic press and explained to the teachers and imaginary kids that God pressed good things like peace and joy out of us.
I had so much fun that I now make it a practice to look for inspiration everywhere. I regularly look for teaching inspiration in these six areas.
The Bible: The Word of God remains my number one source for inspiration. Many times I use scripture that the Spirit highlights for me during my personal devotional time in my classes. I regularly read a variety of devotional material too.
Life experiences: Life is filled with learning experiences, if we choose to recognize them. I like being “real” with my kids about some of my own struggles. When I do, they learn that I too face challenges and how I overcome them.
Nature: God speaks to us in so many ways. The Bible teaches us that His handiwork is evidence of His eternal glory. The blue sky overhead, sprouting green leaves and sparkling stars give proof that God loves us and cares for us, forever. What a great inspiration for teachers!
Kids: When you’re a kids’ minister, children quickly become your friends. Get inspiration from your children by recognizing their personal growth and challenges. Of course, not in an embarrassing way. Embarrassment and children do not go hand in hand.
Gadgets: Talk a walk through your kitchen or garage to find teaching some inspiration. Demonstrate God’s power to defeat the enemy by smashing a banana with a rubber mallet. Use a wooden spoon to demonstrate how God stirs our lives with His Spirit.
Popular culture: God speaks to us through popular culture too which is great when you’re ministering to children. Kids are always in tune with the latest games, cartoons and movies. While some are definitely off-limits, others offer teachers some cool teaching tools. When the annoying yellow sponge first became popular, my volunteers and I created a fun teaching series that got Spongebob saved and ready to live for God. It was very successful.
Inspiration for teaching is everywhere! Just look for it. Keep your heart open and allow God to speak to you through practical and impractical ways. He’s in everything good!
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