“Hannah’s Bike Ride” Children’s Story about Trusting God


Use this teaching story to supplement any children’s Bible lesson about trusting God. It could also work as a standalone activity in your Sunday School class. It will help kids flesh out biblical principles in real life. At the end of this page I’ve listed bible topics and verses related to this story. Everyday stories, like […]

Salvation Object Lesson


As with any object lesson, this is not a perfect representation of salvation. The idea here is to further a child’s understanding of what Christ does with our hearts when we believe in Him and accept Him as our Savior.  Originally written for preschoolers, this lesson can be tailored to any age group depending on […]

Preschool Bible Lesson: God Knows Me

Try this lesson with your toddler or preschool Sunday School class at church. The children will learn that “God knows me.”  This precious truth will lay a foundation for more learning about God and having a relationship with them. With a little modification, you could use it in a variety of Bible teaching settings.  This […]