New “Jesus Loves Me” Song

Click above to download from VIMEO

This isn’t the preschool “Jesus loves me song” that you remember. It’s a new original song & video with an upbeat sound and eye catching graphics. Show it to your kids and sing along. This video is from CrossRoads Kids Club. Watch this free worship song on their page on VIMEO. This would be a […]

How to Choose Worship Songs for Kids


There’s a lot of music out there, but it always feels like a challenge to find songs that your kids will actually sing along with. Lots of people have different purposes when selecting music. My purpose is simple. I want kids to worship Jesus. Worship can be fast and jumpy or worship can be soft […]

Video: Armor of God Song by Go Fish


This song about the Armor of God is from Go Fish’s album Kickin It Old School. The video below was created as part of that VBS curriculum. and the song “I’m A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord.” To get this video (plus 8 more) on DVD, visit the Go Fish website and purchase the Kickin’ […]

Fruit of the Spirit Scripture Song & Video


The video above was recorded by Seeds Family Worship to kick-off the blog tour of their latest album called “Seeds of Character.” It’s an amazing set of songs all directly on God’s Word. The whole point is to plant Scripture into the hearts of kids and families. We have a whole series of lessons & […]

Sunday School Songs for Beginners

Kids love to sing, it's one of the best ways to learn about God.

Sunday School began in the 1700′s and has been an integral part of childhood ever since. At the beginning of this movement, poor children with no education learned how to read at church schools on Sundays. Of course, Sunday’s schooling centered on religious education and over time, it became the primary crux of the church’s […]