“Daniel in the Lion’s Den” Coloring Pages

Daniel in the Lion's Den
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These two coloring pages can be used for a simple learning craft about Daniel and in the Lion’s Den. The first page shows the prophet Daniel emerging from the cave with lions behind him asleep. The second page is a stone  that conceals the opening. The illustrations suggests a strong connection between God’s salvation of Daniel and the Resurrection of Jesus from the Tomb.

Simply click on the preview images to the right to download as a print-friendly PDF document. Your can also click on the following links. The JPEG image format is higher resolution and allows for advanced users to edit with Photoshop.

Daniel page two
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If you enjoy these illustrations, be sure to browse our free Bible lessons based on Daniel chapter 6, here and here. Alternately, we have a preschool coloring page that shows Daniel praying to God.

We also have a growing collection of free Bible coloring pages. These are 100% free to use in your ministry, church, or home.


  1. Jasamen says

    Yes thank you for providing the coloring pages and the lesson information that breaks down Daniel to a child’s level. God bless you and thank you God!

  2. Vita says

    Thank you soo much for providing us with such great christian ideas for children. I will be teaching this lesson in Sunday school and am excited to use the resources you provided. May God bless you!

  3. Sarah says

    This is Amazing!!! The detail is Incredible!!!
    Thank You So Much for Sharing your Gift!!

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