Doubting Thomas Coloring Pages

Doubting Thomas Coloring Page with JesusHere is a free coloring page that shows Thomas bowing low before the resurrected Jesus. In this picture he is no longer a doubter but a convinced believer in Christ.

This coloring page was sent to use by Carlos Bautista who is a Bible student in the Philippines. This was first made as a coloring page for their VBS. This would be a great addition to your Doubting Thomas Sunday School lesson. If you enjoy this free material, please leave him a comment to encourage his future work.

Directions: You can click on the preview image to the right to download this file as a printable PDF file. We’ve also uploaded it as a full jpeg image for advanced editing.

The inspiration for this coloring picture is John 20 when Thomas insists on seeing the wounds that Jesus suffered on the cross. Then the doubting disciple is filled with faith and cries out to Jesus saying, “My Lord and my God!”

Need More Help? You can find more Bible coloring sheets on our website and you may enjoy the Doubting Thomas worksheet that also uses this coloring sheet picture.


  1. Jackie Coles says

    thank you for this picture – wish I could draw – but so pleased I’ve found a really good picture and puzzle which the children will enjoy!

  2. says

    I love all the coloring pages. They have definitely helped our Sunday School lessons, and we have them hanging all over our room. Keep up the good work!

  3. jdcstortoise says

    Thank you! The materials provided on this website have provided a great supplement to our children’s classes.

  4. Margaret says

    Thank you for this great picture and bible verse for Doubting Thomas, I will be sharing with my class tonight and will tell them where it came from.

  5. Rose Rush says

    thanks for the artwork. it is helpful to have coloring pages for the kids.

  6. Dolores Breese says

    I am doing the Children’s sermon tomorrow (as a fill in at last minute sort of thing). I was searching the internet for things about Doubting Thomas and I tell you your drawing appeared. My husband was so excited too! Thank you for your drawings. This one was really a God-sent! Praise the Lord. Have a blessed day tomorrow. In Christ’s love, Dolores

  7. adelaida says

    Carlos, I did not realize you are Bible student in the Philippines.
    Where did you have your training for Children ministry?

    Your gifts are very much needed for us teaching the Word of God to the young generation of today. We don’t have problem with content but our problem most of the time is the material to make our students be more engaged. I believed that when we provide activities about our topic, our students can easily integrate into their lives the values and ideas we bring forth to them. But, our problem most of the time is where to find simple and very relevant materials/activities.

    I am from the Philippines and I am wondering which institution you are having your Bible training now esp. on children ministry. You are God send to the Church to help facilitate faith formation of the young people, the future of the Church. Thank you for your gift.
    God bless you always,

  8. adelle says

    Bro. Carlos, your material saves me yesterday when I was preparing a lesson for my grade 2 and 3 children sunday Liturgy volunteer in my parish.

    For me, it is more difficult to teach the small ones which I am not used to.. My experience in teaching religious education subjects and as catechist was all of the bigger ones.

    I tried very hard to look for material to make my students become more engaged to deepen/to integrate into their lives the themes/values that I tried to discuss with them. To make their sunday class more fun and at the same time they learn something and excute what they’ve learn through an activity at towards the end of the class.

    For me, an activity can already be both a “means and end” in itself as long as it will be very well explained. your activity about prayer, was perfect. My themes from the gospel of st. Mark 1:29-39 were “prayer and good deeds” = Good News

    My students enjoyed to compose their own prayer using the activity page from your website. I also asked them to list down some of their good works this past week. They coloured it, and decorated their individual prayer page that come from your website..

    Thanks very much, and may God will continue to shower you the wisdom creativity which is very much needed to help the integral faith development of our young members of the Church.

    God bless you always

  9. noly francisco cardenas says


  10. Pastor DK says

    Thank you for sharing your picture. Our children’s church children will be coloring this picture this year (2011). Keep up the good work

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