Gospel Coloring Book: How Do I Follow Jesus?

This is the final page in our series of Gospel Coloring Sheets for children. It teaches kids how they can respond to the truth about King Jesus. These are the work of Mandy Groce, a talented illustrator from Louisville.

Directions: To download this file as a printer friendly PDF, simply click on the preview image to the left. We have also posted it as a high resolution JPEG image for advanced editing.

This picture is centered on a cross that divides the page into panels. The words on the coloring sheet ask, “How do I follow Jesus as my King?”

The panels show that children can respond by loving Jesus and obeying his commands. The pictures show both a boy and a girl. Another illustration on this sheet show a child with mom taking cookies to a neighbor.

Like all our materials, this page is 100% free to use in your church, home, or school.

We would love to have your feedback.  You can leave a comment below. Be sure to let Mandy know how you are using this free material in your ministry or home.

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  1. says

    We are packing health kits to send out to homeless people we encounter on our youth trips this summer. We are including these books, colored by our children, to send the message after we are no longer with the individuals we meet. His word will not return void! Thank you for your ministry!

  2. Wilhelmina Walder says

    This is so lovely and free!! Thank you Tony & Mandy for making this available to us. We have been reviewing our Sunday School & the children who attend our church generally & have just mapped our course from now through 2014 (Gods willing) We decided that so many things are fighting for our children we need to really focus on ‘Salvation’ to make it fun, interesting & memorable for the children so they come to have a relationship with Jesus NOW!! These pictures are just what we needed.
    Thanks again
    Wilhelmina from England

  3. Bertha Agyelum says

    Wow! You are such a blessing, I needed some colouring pages for our pre- school class, and you’ve given them all out for free. the Lord richly bless you and grant you more grace, wisdom, and ideas for children ministry. I would like to know if you have any on the books of the bible?

    Best regards


  4. Elida says

    Very awsome site I needed help this morning and got what i needed!!! Feeling very blesssed.

  5. Deidra Fryer says

    I really love the illustrations used to describe how we can learn more about Jesus and God. I use these coloring pages for Children’s Church. Taking the time to create these illustrations to teach bible lessons is hard work, but I appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work and I would like to know more about how more illustrations can be used for bible ministry.

  6. NoraTorres says

    Im so thankful for this site so many great and valuable lessons for nursery and preschool ages.

    Planting seeds for Gods Future leaders

  7. Dianne Lakay says

    Loved your idea of the gospel message in this booklet form. PLEASE add REPENTANCE. God is holy . We need to acknowledge our sins and ask for forgiveness.
    May God bless you as you serve Him.

    • Chris H. says

      I had the same thought. We need to receive Jesus through repentance and faith. Then we can love and obey him. Otherwise, I really love the coloring pages.

  8. Jennifer Glover says

    Thanks so much for the information. It will be very helpful and a blessing to use in children bible study groups

  9. Jayn Williams says

    Hi there, just want to say that I am so grateful for all the activities that you have especially the Gospel colouring pages. It helps my Kids to understand who is their King and why they need King Jesus to be their King. I am so blessed with these pages and my prayers are always with you all contriputing to this activities. May God richly bless this Ministry.
    Thank you!

  10. Mary says

    Thanks for the coloring page–it’s perfect to use with this week’s lessons (the calling of Nathaniel).

  11. jen says

    Hey, I am doing something for chinese children – how about a translation? Or does anyone know of any good sites?

    • says

      The easy solution would be to modify the jpeg versions of our pages. Just have someone with Photoshop remove the words and replace them with the language you need.

  12. sebuliba isaac joash says

    i thank God for you… the msg of the cross is very essential to the kids, not to be neglected and we shd know that our kids are more exposed to alot of lies abt the cross thn neva b4…let us not be ashemed to tell them abt the cross of Jesus and its purpose to Human kind…am a Kids pastor in Miracle center rubaga / Kampala Uganda

  13. tish says

    GREAT! I am so impressed. thank you for using your gifts andtalents for God work. WOW. Simple yet powerful. I am so excited about using this in my class. King of Kings. WOW!!!!!

  14. Deborah McDermott says

    I am a teacher in a christian school. I will use your booklet Who is my King? I love the resource. I also used a utube song to start the devotional lessons . Thanks and blessings to you.

  15. dolly smith says

    Praise God your a true miracle.I teach children,s church ages 3-7 id ran out of color pictures an ideas but the Lord has renewed me sending your web site Bless you and thank God for his guidance.

  16. DONNA says

    I have a Wednesday night group called Children in Action, CiA’s for short. We study missions, but with a Bible rleated story and memory verse. As our verse this month is Luke 5:11, this page is perfect. Thanks

  17. Elizabeth says

    I am training to teach Sunday School kids from ages 12-15. Do you know of any Christian websites similar to yours that cater to this age? Is there any one out there that has any suggestions?

  18. Meghan says

    This is wonderful! Do you have more or can you make more photo books? Maybe about Jesus or other bible stories? These pages are beautiful and this is exactly the way I was looking to teach our 8 year old son about God and Jesus. We are not able to make it to church on a regular sunday basis right now and so i have been wanting to do devotions and lessons with him at home. We home school as well so i plan to incorporate this into our day. Either on a break or as a fun activity we can do. Thank you!!


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