Fruit of the Spirit Song & Video for Children

Here is a cool Bible song for children I saw on another blog this morning. It’s from Brentwood Kids. It’s a scripture based song designed to teach kids Galatians 5:22-23. It takes a very fun approach to teach what fruits are not from the Spirit. Don’t overlook our teaching resources for the Fruit of the Spirit.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

This is a video that might be a good learning activity to accompany a Bible lesson about the fruit of the Spirit. You could also use it as a children’s church worship song. Either way, this upbeat song will make it easy for the children in your ministry to learn the fruit of the Spirit. You should also check out our Fruit of the Spirit Game for teaching kids.


  1. Arden Regnier says

    Last year I downloaded the free Armor of God and Fruit of the Spirit VBS programs. We are a poor and small church and I, as Sunday School Superintendent, try my best to keep expenses at a minimum. I tried to download the Fruit of the Spirit song to use this year and was unable to do so. Where can I get a copy of this song free or at a reasonable price?

  2. rhoda maharaj says

    Hi I enjoy the songs especially the ones that I grew up with although the new ones I am unable 2 listen to is it possible to send the words to me

  3. says

    I love this song, currently I am teaching my students about the fruits of sprit. This is the perfect song to go with it.

    Thank you so much
    May The Lord blessed you and all that you do.


  4. says

    Praise God
    I like the minstry . I listened to the children songs(video) and I was blessed i tried to download some . I was unable to download a song that really blessed me where I just recorded on my phone although it wasn’t clear enough getting the word so pliz I request this song”Fixing my eyes on you” send me the words for I wish to teach my sundayschool children. Thanks

  5. meena says

    Praise The Lord…. im holding the sunday school in slum area.. there childrens are very poor…. so i need some idea to make grow in Jesus by songs, read Bible and with some activites….

  6. Dixie Wakeman says

    I am looking for the CD that has The Fruit of the Spirit song on it and any others related to this VBS curriculum….thx

  7. Alia Young says

    Hi Tara,
    Thanks again and God bless you for sharing this wonderful topic with us. I used the Armor of God for my VBS. and this year I am thinking about using the Fruit of the spirit. God bless

    If there is any one who knows of a cd that we can purchase with songs that goes with the them I would appreciate if you can share it with us.

  8. ESTHER says

    thanks so much for your contribution, i like all the pictures on fruit of the spriti. i would also like to have more of topics for the children.

  9. shiny says

    I like this song because i am a sundayschool teacher i like to teach so many variety songs to my children.

  10. Esther Arredondo says

    I took by faith to lead the Children’s Worship at our church. The Lord lead me to your website Ministry To Children.Co. The church is small but growing the Lord is sending little children to be ministered. We were in need of a curriculum and yours is a God given gift. God Bless you for sharing.

  11. Maria says

    I love this song. I am teaching my preschool on the fruit of the spirit and this song is pefect to start the class

  12. Jenny says

    I have recently stepped up to take on leadership of our Children’s ministry. I am looking for “proven” curriculum on the Fruit of the Spirit for our “R.O.C.K.” (Readying Our Children for the Kingdom) program which runs at the same time as the adult service at our church. There is so much to sift through – from $20 material to astronomical-any insights would be appreciated!

    (in Canada)

  13. says

    My sister in law passed this song along to me a few months ago and I thought it was a lot of fun too. I printed off pictures (8×10) of fruit mentioned on cardstock and have kids come up front and hold the pictures to be part of the song. You could also have the kids hold “Love, Joy, Peace…” and raise them up when it’s their turn.

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