Hand Painting Craft for Kids Ministry

Fun Craft Idea for Children

Here is a craft idea that we just tried for our Wednesday night children’s ministry program. To complete our new children’s church decorations, we used the children’s painted hand prints as leaves to complete the tree mural. The project was not too complicated, but it took real coordination on the part of our adult volunteers to pull it off. Here is how we made it work. You can also PRINT PRINT this craft instructions.

Here is a video that walks you through the craft. This children’s hand painting project may not be the easiest craft idea, but it will last much longer and be a life long memory. Have fun!


  • non-toxic acrylic paint
  • paper plates
  • sheets of plain paper
  • large bowl with water for rinsing
  • paper towels and/or wet wipes
  • drop clothes
  • tree mural or outline on the wall
  • masking tape & permanent markers
  • 4 or more adult helpers

Directions for this Craft

Step #1
We had all the children play on the playground, and only brought them inside to paint by groups of four.

Step #2
Write each child’s name on masking tape. You will use this to label the hand prints once they are dry.

Step #3
With the help of an adult volunteer, have each child dip their hands in the paint. Then impress their print on a paper. This is good practice and helps remove excess paint. Plus you can send home those papers as an bonus painted hand craft project.

Step #4
Then guide the child to press their print on the wall. It’s important to not add more paint before this step.

Step #5
Rub hands together in a large bowl of water to rinse. Then use paper towels to dry and remove any extra paint.

Follow this procedure for each child until finished.

Bonus Tips

  • Change the rinse water after about 10 kids.
  • Use think or ‘fancy’ paper to add value to the first print.
  • Have several colors available to add variety.
  • Use this craft along with a lesson about abiding in Jesus.
  • This craft promotes belonging and will help kids feel like the church is a place for them.

Share Your Ideas

If you try this kids hand painting craft or have done something similar, leave a comment to share your ideas with other readers.

Need More Kids Craft Ideas? You can also watch thisĀ kids craft with hand painting directly on YouTube. Be sure to check out all our Sunday School Crafts.


  1. Anne Smith says

    I was just wandering did you paint the tree on the wall or did you put paper on the wall first before you painted….Also did you free hand draw this or did you stencil it?

  2. Ana says

    Thanks for the Idea of the green and red apples for the Thanksgiving holiday. I also love the “I will follow Jesus” activity, its a great idea for the children and to have them to think about why they want to follow Jesus. I am a volunteer a church and passionate for children I want to help to the growth of our children ministries. So these ideas helped alot!

  3. Arden says

    I love the idea of the hand print tree but we have restrictons. I cut a large tree from a roll of brown craft paper no taller that the reach of the oldest child in our Sunday school. For Thanksgiving the first year the children were told this was God’s tree planted for them and He needed to know what they were thankful for. We cut leaves of various fall shades and had each child and teacher write what they were thankful for and tape it to the tree. The children were excited when during the year they could read back what they wrote as they passed the tree going to their classrooms. This past year they each added a red or green apple with what they were thankful for. Hanging in our fellowship hall, also made from brown craft paper with a road drawn from lower right to upper left, a sign on the bottom that says, “I will follow Jesus” with an arrow pointing to the upper right to a picture of Jesus. In the beginning of the Sunday school I took photos of each child and hung them along the road. They will take their photos home the end of the Sunday school year and this will then be moved to the Sunday school hallway. The children will draw or write something on this “road” why they want to follow Jesus. These are fun projects and great learning tools for our children.

  4. says

    One of our after-school ministries did the same thing several years ago. They called it the Wall of Honor.


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